VIEQUES, PR — Advertisers are keen to to buy campaigns across TV show makers’ many multi-media tentacles – but do TV networks know how to price a cross-platform show. That’s where measurement comes in, says Nielsen’s agency solutions EVP Dave Hohman.

“Lots of agencies and advertisers are asking for integrated multi-screen campaigns,” Hohman tells Beet.TV. “It’s difficult to get a constant and comparable measure across a lot of platforms and different devices – that’s critically important.

“If I’ve created some content and I want to be able to say ‘The value of this content exists beyond broadcast television’, what are the platforms or devices it’s being consumed on? I want to be able to measure that and contribute it to the rating that I’ve got for that program.”

Nielsen’s own solution spots whether a hit is for real-time or on-demand content, the content type, device type, delivery method and available ad models.

Beet.TV interviewed Hohman at the Beet.TV executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.