Safety & Scale: Index Exchange’s Krauss Sees A Busy Q4 For CTV Ads

The programmatic trading of connected TV (CTV) ads is now becoming so common that video formats now make up the bulk of all programmatic spending, according to eMarketer. But that pivot away from traditional “insertion orders” also comes with risks for ad buyers – achieving certainty about placement and achieving the maximum desired scale. In […]


OpenAP Receives Investment From Snowflake Ventures to Help Expand Data Clean Room for TV Advertisers

LOS ANGELES – OpenAP, the advanced advertising company for television, today said it had received an investment from the venture capital arm of data cloud company Snowflake. With the backing of Snowflake Ventures, OpenAP plans to speed up the development of OpenAP Data Hub, the company’s cross-platform and cross-publisher clean room solution. Financial terms of […]


On The Frontline Of The CTV Ad Fraud War: HUMAN’s Hassan

What if the “C” in “CTV” stood not for “connected” but for “counterfeit”? That is the growing fear of many ad buyers, as the scale of the digital ad fraud challenge crashes on to the medium’s shores. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tamer Hassan, Co-Founder & CEO, HUMAN Security, a cybersecurity firm, lifts the […]


Amazon’s Thursday Football Drives High Website Footfall: EDO’s Krim

When Amazon Prime Video began streaming live Thursday Night Football (TNF) in September in a $1 billion-a-season deal, it was hailed as a revolution in sports broadcasting. Traditionally, it might have taken days or weeks to learn just how successful the show was for advertisers. Kevin Krim found out the next morning. In this video […]


Midterm Elections Drive Ad Spending on Connected TV: Magnite’s Dan Fairclough

Spending on video advertising by political campaigns this year is projected to hit $9 billion as candidates and interest groups seek to get voters to the polls in next month’s midterm elections. Part of their media buying is shifting into programmatic channels to reach audiences that spending more time with connected TV (CTV). “With CTV, […]


Who’s At Home? Truthset Aims For More Accurate IDs

In the last few years, “identity graph” technology has emerged to help advertisers tackle the problem of conceptualizing a single consumer across multiple devices. For many in connected TV, the focus has settled on household-level identity data. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott McKinley, CEO of ad-tech firm Truthset, says today’s data isn’t […]


How To Solve CTV Ad Duplication: Viant’s Vanderhook

As much as connected TV (CTV) gives advertisers new opportunities to reach viewers, lack of control in some platforms also risks exposing viewers to too many duplicate ads. It is a problem many companies are trying to tackle. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tim Vanderhook, CEO, Viant, puts forward his understanding of the problem […]


OpenID Helps Unify TV Ad Buying with FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr Integration: OpenAP’s Chris LoRusso

NEW YORK – OpenAP today introduced a way to unify delivery of all television advertising buys and to support cross-platform measurement of campaigns. The advanced advertising company added programmatic interoperability to OpenID, its unique identifier for linear TV and digital audiences. Integrations with FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr’s Monetize SSP give media buyers the ability to […]


Disaster Strikes Puerto Rico and The Boys & Girls Clubs Steps In with Community Action

SAN JUAN – While only a category 1 hurricane, the slow-moving Fiona dumped excessive amounts of rain on the island, creating widespread destruction and power and water outages for most of the residents. As things slowly come back, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico are providing essential services, notably hot meals distributed at […]


OpenAP Leans Into Demographic Data: Breedlove

It has spent the last few years developing advanced advertising solutions. Now the consortium bringing TV advertising into the future is getting ready to upgrade traditional demographics. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Breedlove, VP, Measurement & Analytics, OpenAP, explains the plan. Accelerate to demos “We are going to accelerate things,” Breedlove says. “We’ve […]


ANA, 4A’s, IAB, Horizon Media, Publicis Media and Others Join ‘Get Out the Vote’ Industry Initiative

The advertising industry specializes in inspiring people to take action, and where better to start than with its own members? Many younger adults, 18-30, do not participate in one of the most important ways to take action or stand up for issues about which they care: voting. The recently launched Voting MAVEN, which stands for “media […]


Streaming Content Must Be As Diverse As Younger Audiences: Sabio’s Aziz Rahimtoola

A variety of studies have shown that people want to see themselves represented in television content and advertising. Technology company Sabio is helping producers of streaming content to monetize their efforts to create programming for diverse audiences. “The only way you can actually have pluralistic viewpoints on media today is to not only certainly incentivize […]


Tremor’s Amobee Acquisition Creates New Opportunities: CEO Druker

In the latest such acquisition to bolster its ad-tech services, Tremor International has closed the $239 million deal to buy Amobee. Amobee is a major supplier of demand-side platform (DSP) software and a rival to Tremor. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ofer Druker, CEO, Tremor International, explains how Amobee’s addition will help his company. […]


Advertisers Can Attain 100% Incremental Reach on CTV:’s James Moore

Marketers are looking for ways to reach consumers through linear and connected television (CTV) without showing the same ads to the same viewers too many times. Advertising automation platform recently introduced the ability to provide buyers of linear TV advertising with complete incremental reach on CTV. “One of the number one challenges with buying […]


Integration With Amazon’s Ad Marketplace Supports CTV Growth: IRIS.TV’s Richie Hyden

As marketers shift their ad spending to streaming platforms, they’re also looking for reassurances that their commercials appear within brand-safe shows. Connected TV publishers can offer more information about their programming to advertisers through Amazon’s digital advertising marketplace following a recent integration with video data platform IRIS.TV. “We’re going to increase the available inventory for […]


Fan Experience for ‘House of the Dragon’ Marks Stronger Ties with CTV Partners: Roku’s Grace Lam

Roku helped viewers celebrate the premiere of HBO Max’s much-anticipated “House of the Dragon” with an exclusive fan experience on its streaming devices. Featured content included trailers, theme packs and special looks at the characters in the series, whose action takes place 200 years before the events in the hit fantasy show “Game of Thrones.” […]


Flight To Quality Means Intermediaries, Too: TransUnion’s Vermeulen

With digital audience identifiers waning in usefulness, many ad buyers are once again looking back toward “quality” media opportunities. But that quest for “quality” doesn’t just mean media – it also means middlemen. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Frans Vermeulen, VP Strategy & Market Development, TransUnion, explains why the supply chain must also clean […]


VidMob’s $110M To Accelerate ‘Creative Intelligence’

A platform helping advertisers customize and scale their video ads across digital channels is taking new investment to scale itself. VidMob, based in New York with 13 global offices in 50 countries, announced a $110 million Series D investment led by Shamrock Capital, along with ID Fund, Drive by DraftKings, eGateway and PROOF. In this […]


Coming To America: Seedtag’s €250M Funding Fuels Contextual Targeting Growth

On the same day Google again delayed phasing out Chrome cookies, a startup founded by two ex-Googlers raised a big funding round to provide an alternative ad targeting mechanism. Seedtag is one of several ad-tech firms whose software reads cues in content to provide “contextual targeting” attributes, considered a replacement for waning audience targeting methods. […]


Media Interoperability Will Unlock More Revenue Growth: Comcast Advertising’s James Rooke

As marketers seek to reach consumers among a variety of media channels and electronic devices, Comcast Advertising is working to help them to harness data to improve their targeting. “We’re really proud of the work we’ve done across Comcast Advertising more broadly at enabling more programmers and networks to be lit up by addressable enablement,” […]

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