PCH’s Bagdasarian: Data at Scale Is a Competitive Advantage for Targeted Advertising

Being a large company in the direct marketing ecosystem is more a blessing than a curse, but it still takes careful strategy to work with advertisers with specific performance needs. In an interview with Beet.TV, Steve Bagdasarian, vice president and general manager of media and monetization at Publishers Clearing House, explains how the organization views […]


Addressable Extends Ads’ National Reach: DISH’s Arrix

For marketers, the single promise of “addressable” TV technology used to be simply targeted advertising. But, in 2020, the promise is a lot more than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, SVP of DISH Media – responsible for ad sales at DISH and Sling – describes two more emerging use cases… Targeted […]


AdTech Doyenne, Target’s Kristi Argyilan, to Headline the Beet Retreat in San Juan Feb 5-7

Kristi Argyilan, president of Target’s Roundel unit, will be among the featured speakers at the annual Beet.TV executive retreat taking place in San Juan on February 5-7. From her days as president of MAGNA Global to her pioneering work at Target and for the formation of Roundel, Kristi is among the most admired, innovative executives […]


Ampersand Launches ‘The AND Platform’ to Unify Audience and Measurement Across Inventories

Ampersand, the TV advertising and sales company owned by Comcast, Cox and Charter, is putting its vast data network of 38 million households to work with a new external platform that lets partners create audiences on the front end and measure performance on the back end. Called The AND Platform, the launch follows NCC Media’s […]


S4’s MightyHive Lays Infrastructure To Help DCO Fly, Del Greco Says

One of the foundational acquisitions for Sir Martin Sorrell’s new S4 Capital group is now working alongside a sibling company to light up opportunities in “dynamic creative optimization” for digital ads. But, in many cases, it has had to help clients build foundational architecture to get there. In December 2018, Sir Martin Sorrel’s new vehicle […]


Sir Martin Sorrell to Ad Holding Companies: Go Private or Break-up

LAS VEGAS — He created and, for years, ran the world’s largest ad agency holding group, WPP. After he left in 2018 and formed his own, much smaller vehicle, S4 Capital, how does Sir Martin Sorrell read the prospects for the Big Six groups? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sorrell says: The big groups […]


Television Transformation Will Be Driven by Consumer Experience, 605’s Levine

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), everything on display – whether it is a synthetic burger or a TV ad – is presented as technology. But that is the kind of optimism that is applied to every business sector that finds itself at the mind-expanding show. Whilst at the show in January, Noah Levine, chief revenue […]


Xandr Goes From ‘Build’ To ‘Accelerate’ In 2020, Wetzel Says

After buying and launching new products and services last year, AT&T’s Xandr ad-tech unit plans to more tightly tie everything together in 2020 The division is focused on facilitating premium video and advanced TV ad sales, and is a combination of a variety of acquisitions and launches. Most recently, Xandr acquired clypd late last year. […]


Telaria Merger Provides Investment To Tackle CTV Ads: Rubicon’s Barrett

Rubicon Project is merging with Telaria, in part, because it thinks offering capabilities in connected TV advertising would require heavy investment. The pair of ad-tech companies announced their intention to merge in December, in order to seize the opportunity emerging in connected TV advertising alongside inventory of other digital channels. They say the combined company […]


Now Part of Xandr, clypd Enters Next Phase

LAS VEGAS — Almost three months after AT&T’z Xandr acquired clypd to be the latest piece of its digital advertising machine, clypd – a TV ad technology supplier – says it is focused both on the near term and the longer term. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview at the Consumer Electronics Show, chief […]


Chips In Overdrive: Gotlieb’s 2020 Tech Horizon

If you thought you knew technology, think again. Whilst software has reigned in a predictable pattern over the last few years, engineers are now on the cusp of applying several breakthroughs that are all about physical innovation. Irwin Gotlieb knows it. The WPP advisor, INVIDI board member and former GroupM CEO is a veteran Consumer […]


Cadent Rings In 2020 With 4INFO Acquisition

2020 has barely begun but, already, it looks like we are in another wave of ad-tech consolidation – this time, driven by the opportunity to make connected TV ad buying smarter about audience targeting. Cadent, a company helping deliver addressable ads to connected TV and data-driven ads to linear TV, announced it will acquire 4INFO, […]


The Quest For Total TV: Gottlieb Seeks The Full Picture

Everyone wants better data. The trouble is, with so many platforms to measure, getting a holistic understanding is proving challenging. Now there is a burgeoning number of vendors aiming to capture viewer behavior from across multiple media screen types. In this interview with Beet.TV, Irwin Gottlieb says the quest continues. The former GroupM global CEO […]


Please Remember the Children of Puerto Rico: Give to the Boys & Girls Club Now

The problems of Puerto Rico may seem daunting and intractable, but for the island members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, their aim is true: Helping children living below the poverty level to reach their full potential. For this wonderful organization, the future glows bright. They are inspiring and they make a difference. […]


605’s Noah Levine to Keynote the #BeetRetreat in February

We are pleased to announce that the Noah Levine, CRO of 605, a veteran of Fox and Adobe, will be one of keynote speakers s at the #BeetRetreat, an executive retreat in San Juan, February 5-7. The other keynote speakers are Roundel’s Kristi Argyilan, DISH Media’s Kevin Arrix, NBCU’s Dominick Vangeli, Tubi’s Farhad Massoudi and […]


Irwin Gotlieb’s Take On the Streaming Wars

It made all the early running – but can Netflix keep its place at the head of the SVOD pack? Irwin Gotlieb doesn’t think so. The veteran media and technology watcher spent years as global CEO of media agency GroupM. In this video interview with Beet.TV, he says he foresees “fall-out” from the streaming wars, […]


Target’s Kristi Argyilan, Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt, DISH’s Kevin Arrix, NBCU’s Dominick Vangeli, 605’s Noah Levine and Tubi’s Farhad Massoudi to Keynote #BeetRetreat 2020 in San Juan

Kristi Argyilan, the pioneering advanced advertising executive who has launched Target’s media platform called Roundel, will be one of the keynote speakers at the BeetRetreat, an executive retreat in San Juan, February 5-7. The other keynote speakers are Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt, DISH’s Kevin Arrix, NBCU’s Dominick Vangeli, 605’s Noah Levine and Tubi’s Farhad Massoudi We […]


TV Is Great But Complex, Say Stressed-Out Viewers: Viacom Research

Viewers still love TV, they use it to de-stress, and they have more of it available than ever. But the plethora of viewing options threatens to make audiences’ lives more complex, not less. That is according to research commissioned by Viacom. The owner of MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Channel 5 recently published Today’s TV, […]


Rubicon, Telaria Merge To Bolster Connected TV Ads

Two publicly-traded ad-tech companies say they want to merge, in order to seize the opportunity emerging in connected TV advertising alongside inventory of other digital channels. Rubicon Project and Telaria announced their agreement on Thursday, without putting a price on it. They say the combined company – owned 47.1% by Telaria shareholders and 52.9% by […]


INVIDI Has Cross-Screen Buying Platform Called EDGE

LONDON –   A year after acquiring the former Videoplaza video ad technology from its latest owner, ad-tech firm INVIDI says it has launched a new software suite, aimed at uniting the disparate worlds of advanced TV advertising. In December 2018, INVIDI, which is owned by a consortium of groups, acquired Pulse, the technology of the […]

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