MONACO – To help publishers make sense of the plethora of Web video, technology firm has shifted its business to focus on curation of online videos via its video discovery and content management platform, says Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Monaco Media Forum

That transition began six months ago, he explains. With its technology, can sift through the volume of video on the web for publisher, brand and ad networks clients. Customers can put their video on any online video platform such as Brightcove or YouTube, with serving as the curation layer, he explains.

"There is a huge volume of content poring onto the Web and an algorithm doesn't sort video very well," he explains to Beet.TV.'s technology searches across video sites, narrows the selections, and shares the options with its partners for a more refined curation. The video then is wrapped in the embedded player from the site, he says.

Rosenbaum shares more insight into revenue-sharing and monetization options in this video interview.

Daisy Whitney