CANNES — The emergence of an ad format that can bring more video advertising, even where there was no video content, heralds a new era of business, according to an executive in the ad-tech space.

Video advertising platform Videology’s chief commercial officer Ryan Jamboretz is talking about “outstream”, the format which inserts auto-playing video ads between text publishers’ written paragraphs.

And Jamboretz thinks that will help solve a problem.

“The biggest single constraint is the amount of high-quality supply,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “It’s a positive development. Being able to bring more inventory to the publisher base is going to allow this industry to grow more quickly.

“As long as it’s quality and of a premium nature, it’s a fantastic thing. If the outstream business starts to become a lower-quality way to access the market, then it starts to be of concern to us.”

Agencies think out-stream video ads will be more important than in-stream or banner ads to their clients, according to a Forrester report published last year.”

This video part of “Beyond the Pre-Roll: the Transformation of Video Advertising,” a series produced at Cannes Lion 2016, sponsored by ConvertMedia.  For more videos from the series, please visit this page.