‘Get Up Early’ to Get Ahead in Leadership: Ulta Beauty’s Michelle Crossan-Matos

CANNES – The ability to get things done is a key trait for people in leadership roles, though that competence accumulates over time. “I noticed that in my twenties as a leader, I needed certain traits. Now that I’m in a different part of my career, it’s funny how listening becomes a really critical trait,” […]


Europe’s Retail Media Roots Are In-Store: GroupM’s Larisa Dumitru

CANNES – Retail media advertising typically refers to digital media channels, but it does have ties to in-store promotions and shopper marketing. That’s especially the case in parts of Europe, where retail media networks are in an early stage of development. “We love shopping in Europe, we love going into the stores. There are stores […]


‘Efficiency And Sustainability’ Are Driving Forces Of RTB 2.6: IAB Tech Lab’s Katsur

CANNES — In a world where digital advertising is increasingly moving towards TV, the Real Time Bidding (RTB) 2.6 protocol has been designed specifically with connected TV and digital video in mind. It promises to revolutionize the way media companies package their television inventory and how advertisers select spots. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Addressable Advertising: The Superpower Transforming Media Buying

CANNES — Addressable advertising is exploding across the media landscape, with 73% of media buyers now incorporating it into their mix, up 16% year over year, according to Matthew Van Houten, SVP, Product, Operations & Business Development at DIRECTV Advertising. As a precision tool, addressable advertising has evolved to deliver a double-digit lift for clients […]


‘A River, Not a Ladder’: Hartbeat’s Randolph Charting The Course For Digital Media Diversity

CANNES — For some, striving to overcome the odds and achieve success is a climb. For Thai Randolph, it’s a voyage. Randolph is CEO of Hartbeat, the entertainment production company founded by Kevin Hart. She is adamant that career growth is “more of a river than a ladder.” In this video interview for Beet.TV whilst at […]


Marketers Have More Choice in Media Currencies: WBD’s Andrea Zapata

CANNES – The major shift in people’s television viewing habits has led to a need for audience measurement that covers a variety of platforms – everything from traditional linear television to video streaming on connected devices. Media companies in the past year have gained greater confidence that they can sell advertising with the help of […]


Sustainability Goals Can Be Achieved with Collaboration: IPG’s Martin Bryan

CANNES – The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year was notable for introducing sustainability criteria in every advertising award category for the first time. The new requirements come as the media and marketing industries become more aware that their marketing activities result in greenhouse-gas emissions. “For many years, we’ve been focused on climate […]


Clean-Room Integration with Havas and LiveRamp Is Collaborative Effort: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

CANNES – Media company Paramount is part of a partnership that advertising agency Havas announced with data-collaboration platform LiveRamp on data clean rooms. The goal is give marketers a way to improve audience targeting by matching their customer data with other datasets while also protecting people’s privacy. “At Paramount, we think a couple of core […]


‘The Golden Age of Measurement’: Samba TV’s Vision for Cross-Platform Analytics

CANNES – In the vibrant and ever-changing world of digital media, the elusive goal of cross-platform measurement may finally be within reach. Ashwin Navin, CEO and Co-Founder of Samba TV, believes that “we may actually have some convergence of a methodology that works in one country, may work in multiple countries, which is a game-changer […]


AI Can ‘Supercharge’ Brand Advertising: LoopMe’s Cukierman

CANNES — In an era where media is becoming increasingly fragmented and outcomes-focused, LoopMe is leveraging artificial intelligence to bring the power of brand advertising to new platforms. The company uses technology and surveys to uncover ad effectiveness. In this video interview with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV, Rob Cukierman, LoopMe’s GM of Measurement & Product […]


Empathy And Transparency: The Twin Pillars Of Leadership In A Transforming Industry

CANNES — In the heart of a rapidly evolving industry, empathy and transparency emerge as the paramount traits for effective leadership, according to Julie Clark, SVP, Media & Entertainment at TransUnion. Clark joined the consumer data company in May this year from being Spotify’s global head of advertising revenue innovation. She also held senior roles […]


Programmatic TV: A New Era of Efficiency and Audience Targeting

CANNES — TV ads may never been bought fully programmatically – but that doesn’t mean they can’t demonstrate effectiveness and innovation. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Angela Rodriguez, Global Head of Sales for Comscore’s Proximic, highlights the duality of concerns and opportunities brought about by the shift of traditional television content […]


AI, Attention Are Among Key Cannes Themes: Teads’ Jeremy Arditi

CANNES – The popularity of ChatGPT, a chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence that’s adept at creating a variety of text-based content, has helped to ignite interest in the technology among media and marketing executives. That group includes attendees of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The term “AI” is among the five key […]


Reducing Media Carbon Increases Ad Results: Scope3’s Leary

CANNES — In an era where sustainability is not just an option but a necessity, businesses are grappling with how to reduce their carbon footprints – without compromising on performance. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Kaitlin Leary, Head of Global Agency & Brand Partnerships at Scope3, a media decarbonization company, sheds […]


Close The Loop To Measure Up: LoopMe’s Coffey Says Brands Are Refocusing On Incremenality

CANNES — In this economy, more CMOs are being asked to prove the results of their ad spending. But outcomes can be about more than just making a sale. Speaking with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV in Cannes, Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer at LoopMe, underlines the growing importance of incrementality in the world of […]


‘Jump In’: PepsiCo’s Lain Believes Clean Rooms Power Digital Transformation

CANNES — In the dynamic world of digital media, PepsiCo is learning from its mistakes and iteratively building its strategy. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Zach Lain, the Director of Global Data Partnerships at PepsiCo, gives an insight into the company’s digital transformation. He highlights the importance of “leaning into data clean rooms” and the power […]


Marketers Have Warmed Up to Alternative Ad Currencies: Initiative’s Maureen Bosetti

CANNES – The significant changes in how people spend time with media and advertising have led marketers and media companies to find measurement solutions that accurately reflect consumer behavior. Rivals to Nielsen, which has dominated television ratings for decades, are gaining acceptance in helping to set the value of ad transactions, or what are known […]


Driving Sustainability In Digital Media ‘A Collective Responsibility’: Sharethrough’s CMO Skinazi

CANNES — We are all part of one planet. Now, if ad-tech companies could operate as one movement, too, they may advance the cause of environmental sustainability. In the last couple of years, we have seen several initiatives emerge to tackle the topic. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Ben Skinazi, Chief […]


Collaborations Help Support Our Ad Growth: Uber’s Megan Ramm

CANNES – Uber Technologies in the past year has diversified into advertising sales, building on its relationships with consumers who have used its apps to hail a car-ride or to order food for delivery. The data the company gathers about people’s destinations and their buying habits are a key resource in helping to provide brands […]


Attention Metrics, Clean Rooms Are Key Ad Tools: Havas’s Mike Bregman

CANNES – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged marketers to find more ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising, including a metric for people’s attention to brand messaging. Advertising agency Havas teamed with measurement partner Adelaide to develop the Meaningful Attention Unit (MAU) as a key metric. “We’re going to change how we […]

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