Brightcove’s Whatcott: The Power of Real-Time Analytics in Video Discovery

The frontier in big data lies in linking real-time analytics with what’s trending in videos, says Jeff Whatcott, Chief Marketing Officer at Brightcove in an interview with Beet.TV in this segment from the Beet.TV Big Data Summit.


IAB’s Rothenberg: Beet.TV Has Established a Global Video “News Network for our Industry”

Beet.TV has become an established global “news network” for the digital media industry, says Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB, the leading global trade association for digital publishers, in this segment.


NBC’s Vivian Schiller: “Platform Agnosticism is Completely Wrong” for Legacy Media (updated)

The concept of “platform agnosticism,” the notion that legacy media companies must have their content on all digital outlets is “completely wrong,” says NBC News Chief Digital Officer Vivian Schiller in this session excerpt from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat.


Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps — Tech Review’s Pontin: “We’re Going to Kill” Ours

Like the the Financial Times which has totally left the Apps platform for an enhance HTML mobile Web scenario, Technology Review has abandoned its App strategy.


Sky News Enters the U.S. and Canada via Web Subscription

Sky News, the U.K.-based global, satellite news channel is avialable in the United States for the first time, via Livestation, the London-based agregator of of live news programming,  Sky News announced today.


MIT’s Jason Pontin: Tablets Must be Based on Open Standards to Succeed

The "feckless infatuation" of magazine publishers in creating closed-garden Apps to replicate their publications has proven to be a disappointment, says Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT's Technology Review in this 10-minute video.


Livestation: Making Time Shifting Instant For Live News On The Web

As the consumption of online video content has grown, so has the demand for live news streams.  More viewers than ever are watching live news broadcasts online, but live video streaming is still far from perfect. 


comScore’s Eli Goodman on Innovations in Online Video Measurement

Online video attribution models are becoming more sophisticated and qualitative, says Eli Goodman, comScore Media Evangelist, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


Taboola CEO: Online Video Publishers Facing “Supply and Demand” Dilemma

Online video is flourishing and more advertisers are embracing the nacent media.  However, in this video session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat, Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, points out that “there’s a supply and demand issue” when it comes to online video.


Wibbitz CEO: Video Demand Grows As Text-Based Content Becomes “Irrelevant”

Wibbitz, an early stage startup from Tel Aviv, is making waves in the online video industry with a text-to-video software that analyzes and understands written content and automatically turns it into video inventory for publishers. 


Digital Video Growth on Devices to Outpace PC Video Consumption, Videoplaza’s Tavakoli

Digital video traffic is steadily shifting from PC-only to include mobile and other devices, says Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO of ad management platform Videoplaza, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


NBC’s Vivian Schiller: “Second Screen” Essential for Television

Look for a host of dedicated second-screen experiences to come down the pike from TV programmers in the next two years, said Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer for NBC News, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat.


Digitas’ Kontonis: Brands Shift to Cost-Per-View Models in Online Video Buying

Online video buying opportunities for brands are becoming more TV-like, but yet the payment models are shifting to more targeted methods, said Paul Kontonis, VP/Group Director at Digitas in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat.


Wibbitz: Text-to-Video Software Delivers Automated Video Solution for Publishers

An early stage Tel Aviv-based start-up called Wibbitz, says that it can take the RSS feed of a text publisher and create a distinct video segment incorporating voice, images, photos and video.  


Explosive Online Video Growth Coming from Premium Programming, comScore’s Eli Goodman

The growth in online video consumption in the United States is currently being driven by increased viewing of long-form programming, such as TV shows and movies, says Eli Goodman, comScore Media Evangelist, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


NYC Web Video Marketplace Expands to 15 Participating Companies

The one-day marketplace for Web original videos in New York, called the Digitas NewFront, an annual event over the past five years, has greatly expanded this year to become a two-week program with the participation of the major video portals along with top Web studio creators and syndicators.


MIT’s Jason Pontin: Media “Platform Agnosticism” is Dead, Long Live “Platform Committed”

VIEQUES, PR — For media companies to succeed, they need to operate on the platforms they know best, not distribute content on places which are not their core businesses.


Al Jazeera’s Online Success Powered by London-based Livestation

With very limited cable distribution, Al Jazeera turned to London's Livestation, a portal for dozens of global broadcasters, to take its satellite signal and stream it on the Web, explains Livestation CEO Lippe Oosterhof in this segment from the Beet.TV Executive Summit in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


Now Playing on the “Semantic Web” is Video News, EP Stokes Young

The notion of the “semantic Web,” championed by the Web’s inventor Tim Berners-Lee and his W3C organization, involves the deep interconnection of text data. 


Target for VC Investment: Video Search and Discovery

VIEQUES, PR — A critical component for the success of online video is effective search and discovery, but it doesn’t yet exist says Joy Marcus, venture partner at DFJ Gotham Venture in this video. She says that her firm is seeing interesting start-ups with new audio and video recognition technology — several from out of […]

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