The frontier in big data lies in linking real-time analytics with what’s trending in videos, says Jeff Whatcott, Chief Marketing Officer at Brightcove in an interview with Beet.TV in this segment from the Beet.TV Big Data Summit.

The goal of many publishers is to bring video to their audiences as quickly as possible, then to maximize viewership while the video is hot. “The way to do that is through data and there are two modes of operation. There is manual data processing,” he explains. “The other thing is [publishers] want to create real-time feedback loops between analytics, data and what’s going on on their sites so playlists can be generated from analytics data.” That kind of responsive strategy allows a publisher to stay ahead of what’s trending, so they can benefit from a surge in viewing when the content spikes. “That’s the frontier of big data,” Whatcott says.

Whatcott also dives into Brightcove’s relationship with content optimization company RAMP and the importance of optimizing video for search.


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