Online video attribution models are becoming more sophisticated and qualitative, says Eli Goodman, comScore Media Evangelist, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Both brands and publishers are looking more closely at where to spend money and how effective various pieces of an online buy will be, he says in this video session with Paul Kontonis, VP/Group Director with Digitas.

Attribution methods in online video are sharpening to better measure ROI, the impact of the video, the creative, and the messaging, as well as where in the purchase funnel the consumer is and even the device on which the consumer watches a video ad, Goodman explains.

He adds that marketers will also have more nuanced ways to measure context, and that he expects semantic matching to play a role in online video buys in the near future. That refers to analyzing what's in the actual video, such as the sentiment and the intent and how that pairs up with targeting. For more insight into innovations in online video measurement, check out this video interview.

Daisy Whitney