Wibbitz, an early stage startup from Tel Aviv, is making waves in the online video industry with a text-to-video software that analyzes and understands written content and automatically turns it into video inventory for publishers. 

In this video session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat last month, Wibbitz CEO Zohar Dayan speaks about the growing demand for online video and how Wibbitz plays into that demand.

These days, new devices are being introduced to the market at a rapid pace, from mobile devices to tablets and connected TVs.  Dayan points out that, on many of these devices, "consuming text-based content is either very difficult or absolutely irrelevant." 

It’s tough to read a lengthy article on the small screen of your mobile device or off of your Google TV set while you are sitting on the couch across the room.  Dayan says, "We see a huge value that we can bring, specifically on those devices" by turning text into engaging video content that is easy to consume.

In the session, Dayan also provides an in depth explanation of how Wibbitz works to analyze and understand text and then create a visual representation of it using everything from images t interactive maps, animated infographics, and kinetic typography.  Check out the video to find out more.

Megan O'Neill

Editor's Note:  Very cool to have Megan report for Beet.TV from her base in Tel Aviv.  Looking forward to more reports for Beet.TV, including videos of the vibrant start-up scene there.  AP

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