Ad Campaign Goals Call for Specialized Metrics: A+E Networks’ Roseann Montenes

ORLANDO – Advertisers often have a variety of goals for different kinds of campaigns, each of which have their own metrics to evaluate performance. Top-of-funnel campaigns generally seek brand awareness and consideration, while campaigns aimed at the lower part of the purchase funnel may measure foot traffic into or sales conversions. “The expectations change with […]


Consistent Media Presence Helps to Build Brands: A&E Networks’ Peter Olsen

ORLANDO – Economic uncertainties are pushing advertisers to scrutinize their media spending and data the help to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns. But an economic slowdown also can create opportunities for brands to build share that drives growth during a recovery. “Marketers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to prove their investment faster […]


CTV Elevates Role of Consumer-Driven Advertising: Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan

ORLANDO – The Association of National Advertisers’ yearly Masters of Marketing Conference is a chance for marketing, media, agency and ad-tech professionals to share ideas about the best ways to engage consumers. As more people watch television programming on internet-connected devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones, there are growing opportunities to reach consumers […]


Most CTV Ad Fraud Comes From Devices Posing As TVs: HUMAN’s Tamer Hassan

The automation of advertising sales in the past decade has helped to make transactions more efficient. But as with any network of computers that handles financial activity, there’s increased risk of being a victim of fraud. Cybersecurity company HUMAN works with the buyers and sellers of media to protect them from fraud, which has become […]


Ad Performance Gets Attention in Multichannel World: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

ORLANDO – Consumers have more ways to watch their favorite shows at any time as more programming is distributed through internet-connected devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones. This fragmented media environment challenges advertisers to track the effectiveness of these channels within a broader campaign. “It’s clear that there is real emphasis on multichannel […]


Brand Support Helps to Push Through Economy’s Challenges: Carat’s Mike Law

ORLANDO – The Federal Reserve this week raised its target interest rate to a 14-year high as it tries to reduce the highest inflation since the early 1980s. Amid these economic strains and consumer doubts, marketers that get behind their brands will be in better shape in the longer term. “There’s still so much opportunity […]


Sports Programming Highlights Need for Better Ad Currency: Unruly’s Steven Sottile

Streaming video for the past decade has been dominated by movies or dramatic series for viewers to binge-watch, but that’s changing as more live sports programming migrates to on-demand platforms. This shift creates challenges for advertisers that used to depend on the broad appeal of broadcast sports – especially from the start of the NFL’s […]


Brand Investment Is Key to Riding Out Economic Uncertainty: ANA’s Bob Liodice

ORLANDO – Marketers worldwide are confronting economic uncertainties with high inflation, rising interest rates, war in Eastern Europe and ongoing Covid lockdowns in China. Amid these travails, it’s important they take steps to support their brands to reap greater rewards during a recovery. “Every lesson we’ve ever learned through recessions and downturns and whatever, is […]


Data Monetization Extends Scope of Retail Media: Dentsu’s Bruce Williams

NEW YORK – The term “retail media” generally describes online marketplaces like Amazon or store chains like Walmart that are selling advertising space on their websites. But retail media can encompass in-store marketing activities, the capturing of data about consumers and other industry verticals. “When you think about retail media beyond retailers, and what’s out there […]


Beet Retreat Preview: Ampersand CEO Nicolle Pangis Highlights Ways to Improve Addressable Advertising

This year’s Beat Retreat in Santa Monica comes as television advertising undergoes significant upheaval as viewers watch more programming on connected devices – including smart TVs, mobile phones and computers. Brands seeking to reach these audiences are adopting a variety of technologies to show different ads to different people during the same shows nationally, but […]


Retail Media Is Evolving Into Full-Funnel ‘Commerce Media’: Publicis’s Jill Cruz

NEW YORK – Retailers that sell online advertising can tout their ability to target consumers based on their purchase histories and to reach shoppers at the lowest parts of the purchase funnel. But retail media is one part of the broader growth in “commerce media” that includes brand advertising across other websites. “We define commerce […]


All Retailers Have an Opportunity to Sell Ads: Omnicom Media’s Megan Pagliuca

More retailers are selling advertising space on their websites, giving brands a way to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop. Merchants that have gathered customer data have a rich source of information that helps brands to figure out which consumers can be targeted for conversion, similar to how direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers behave. “If […]


Connected TVs Are the ‘New App Stores’ for Customized Viewing: Kochava’s Trevor Hamilton

Television audiences have more ways to see their favorite programming as internet connectivity expands beyond desktop computers and smartphones. Smart TVs give them broader choices of individualized content and an improved viewing experience that supports their receptivity to advertising that’s more targeted. “There’s a whole new evolution of opportunity out there within the CTV landscape, […]


Retail Media Networks Harness Data for Effective Targeting: Analyst Joanna O’Connell

Marketers of consumer goods for years have sought to persuade the purchase decisions of people as they shopped in brick-and-mortar stores. Shopper marketing has included everything from in-store displays to coupons printed at checkout to help drive purchase consideration. In the digital age, shopper marketing has evolved into retail media – or showing targeted ads […]


FAST Channels Are Key Part of Media Plans: Essence/GroupM’s Mike Fisher

NEW YORK – Free, ad-supported television (FAST) services like Pluto TV, Tubi and Xumo give viewers more choices of what to watch on their internet-connected devices. They also are a growing part of the media mix for advertisers that seek to expand their reach to consumers who don’t have a cable or satellite TV services. […]


Investment in OpenAP Is ‘Good Fit for Us’: Snowflake’s Bill Stratton

NEW YORK – The venture capital unit of data cloud company Snowflake this week announced an investment in OpenAP, the advanced advertising platform formed in a collaboration with major U.S. media companies. Bill Stratton, global head, media, entertainment and advertising vertical at Snowflake, offered more insights into the investment in this conversation with Beet.TV at […]


OpenAP Receives Investment From Snowflake Ventures to Help Expand Data Clean Room for TV Advertisers

LOS ANGELES – OpenAP, the advanced advertising company for television, today said it had received an investment from the venture capital arm of data cloud company Snowflake. With the backing of Snowflake Ventures, OpenAP plans to speed up the development of OpenAP Data Hub, the company’s cross-platform and cross-publisher clean room solution. Financial terms of […]


Midterm Elections Drive Ad Spending on Connected TV: Magnite’s Dan Fairclough

Spending on video advertising by political campaigns this year is projected to hit $9 billion as candidates and interest groups seek to get voters to the polls in next month’s midterm elections. Part of their media buying is shifting into programmatic channels to reach audiences that spending more time with connected TV (CTV). “With CTV, […]


TV Advertising Will Benefit from Interoperable Viewership Metrics: Fox’s Darren Sherriff

NEW YORK – Technology developers that are creating the infrastructure for digital television are finding ways for their platforms to work together. Darren Sherriff, vice president of advertising technology solutions at Fox Corporation, would like to see similar collaboration with companies that help to measure viewership of programming and advertising. “We’re starting to see a […]


Investments in Ad Ecosystem Will Get Results: VAB’s Sean Cunningham

NEW YORK – Investments in advertising technology will help marketers and media companies become better at reaching audiences more effectively, says Sean Cunningham, president and chief executive of trade group VAB. These investments will be evident, even if the timeline is slower than some people expect. “My members are investing in dozens of enabling companies […]

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