Quality Ad Inventory Is Expanding on CTV: Havas Media’s Laurie Crowley

SANTA MONICA, CA – Programmatic advertising has been criticized for not giving marketers enough information about where their advertisements appear. Some of those concerns have been carried over into connected television, where the profusion of CTV apps is reminiscent of the early days of mobile app stores. But there are reasons for optimism about CTV […]


CTV Viewer Metrics Differ From Cookie Tracking on Open Web: EDO’s Kevin Krim

The growth in viewership on connected devices such as mobile phones and smart TVs has spurred demand for audience measurement among a bigger variety of media channels, including digital platforms that generate signals of how they’re used. The shift in consumer behavior is occurring as people seek more control over how their personally identifiable information […]


Profusion of Retail Media Networks Leads to Funding Hurdles: Publicis’s Jill Cruz

SANTA MONICA, CA – Retailers that sell advertising offer brands another way to reach consumers as they shop online and in stores. These retail media networks not only can help to drive sales, but also to raise awareness for a broader range of products and services. “You’ve also got some of the media networks that […]


‘We’ll Unveil Ways That Advance the Media Marketplace’: Disney’s Jamie Power

Disney next month for the first time will host its yearly Global Tech & Data Showcase as a live event at CES, the hugely attended consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas. The entertainment giant will highlight its abilities to help advertisers of all sizes to automate their media buying and to reach audience across multiple […]


Unified Datasets Help to Improve CTV Audience Insights: Experian’s Kim Gilberti

Brands increasingly need reliable information about how they reach target audiences, especially as privacy laws give consumers more control over how their personally identifiable information is collected and shared. “If you think about the very fragmented world that we live in, consumers have endless options in terms of where they consume content and therefore where […]


Ad Demand Is Soft While Streaming Inventory Grows: OMD’s Kelly Metz

SANTA MONICA, CA – The U.S. advertising market is showing signs of recovering from a pullback in media spending, but the marketplace is undergoing a secular shift as marketers shift television budgets into streaming. “It’s a very soft marketplace, and there is an influx of inventory in streaming,” Kelly Metz, chief investment officer at Omnicom […]


‘Contextual Audiences’ Spawn Large-Scale Ad Targeting: Seedtag’s Brian Danzis

SANTA MONICA, CA – Privacy laws throughout the world have given consumers more control over how businesses collect and share people’s personally identifiable information. These restrictions have pushed marketers to find other ways to gain insights into people’s media usage, including more information about the content that provides the context for their advertising. “Contextual advertising […]


Data Underpin Brand-Safety, Ad Viewability Goals: PepsiCo’s Zach Lain

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumers divide their time among multiple media channels and electronic devices, and marketers want to ensure as much as possible that their advertising is being seen alongside brand-safe content. Food and beverage giant PepsiCo recently issued a global request for proposal to gather more information about the shifting media landscape. “Our […]


AI Can Help Marketers Adapt to Post-Cookie World: Epsilon’s Joe Doran

NEW YORK – Amid growing concerns about data privacy, marketers have worked the past few years to wean themselves from tracking cookies that help to target online audiences with advertising. This process not only has made first-party data collected directly from consumers more important, but also the technologies such as artificial intelligence to help extract […]


Beet Retreat Preview with OpenX’s Geoff Wolinetz: CTV’s Future Is in Programmatic Ads

The Beet Retreat Santa Monica this month will bring together leaders from a variety of media, marketing, measurement, data and ad-tech businesses. Geoff Wolinetz, senior vice president of publisher and demand platforms at ad-tech company OpenX, said he’s looking forward to the chance to discuss some key issues such as the need for greater transparency […]


Connected Television, Retail Media Are Key Growth Areas: Simpili.fi’s Frost Prioleau

NEW YORK – Connected television is becoming the most important video platform for advertisers with the adoption of programmatic media buying. These automated transactions will depend on a variety of supporting technologies to help brands identify the households they want to reach while also respecting consumer privacy. “CTV remains a super exciting area for us,” […]


Broad Variety of Industries Can Reach Consumers Through Retail Media: Kroger’s Jill Smith

NEW YORK – Retailers that sell advertising offer marketers another way to reach consumers as they shop online, not only helping to drive direct sales, but also to raise awareness for a wide variety of brands. Kroger Precision Marketing, the advertising sales unit of the grocery chain, is among the retail media networks that tout […]


Data-Driven Advertising Can Hit All Parts of Purchase Funnel: PMX’s Jay Askinasi

NEW YORK – The popularity of internet-connected devices has given marketers more pathways to consumers, but the precious attention of those audiences is equally divided. This splintering of the media landscape has pushed advertisers to develop cross-platform strategies. “The advanced video ecosystem is highly fragmented, confusing for a lot of clients,” Jay Askinasi, chief executive […]


‘There’s Momentum Toward Alternative Currencies’: GroupM’s Bharad Ramesh

NEW YORK – Each upfront sales season for television advertising in the past few years has brought more ways to set the value of media transactions, or what are known as currencies. These developments are changing the way that marketers and media agencies are spending billions of dollars. “There is momentum towards the alternate currencies,” […]


Great Programming Is Its Own Destination for Viewers: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

NEW YORK – The popularity of smart TVs and other connected devices has given consumers multiple ways to access their favorite programming, whether it’s live sports and news or scripted series. For broadcasters such as CBS, the fragmentation of the marketplace has led them to adopt their methods of distribution. “We’re about making the biggest, […]


Cutting Carbon Emissions of Ad Business Is Group Effort: Sharethrough’s Frank Maguire

NEW YORK – Advertising agencies are broadening their mandates to limit the negative effect of marketing activities on the Earth’s natural resources. Amid those efforts, suppliers of services throughout the marketing supply chain are looking to help reduce its carbon footprint. “We’ve been taking a really big approach to sustainability at Sharethrough since…the end of […]


iSpot.tv Gives Our Advertisers More Flexibility with Media Plans: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

Paramount Global this month picked iSpot.tv as a currency option for linear and streaming TV in the United States. Trading on the media-measurement company’s data are expected to begin in the first quarter, the companies announced. The addition of iSpot.tv gives marketers and media buyers more ways to help set the value of advertising transactions. […]


Musk Is ‘Undermining Everything’ X CEO Linda Yaccarino Does: Veteran Marketer Lou Paskalis

Elon Musk is sabotaging Linda Yaccarino after hiring the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal Media to run social-media platform X. Despite her efforts, Musk is “undermining her in virtually everything she does.” That’s the message from Lou Paskalis, a longtime marketing executive who is chief strategy officer for Ad Fontes Media, in this interview […]


Flashtalking’s Rebrand Highlights Tools for AI-Powered Personalization of Ad Creative: Mediaocean’s Aaron Goldman

Advertising services and software company Mediaocean reintroduced Flashtalking with updated branding and a website to reflect the expanding needs of advertising agencies and their clientele. The rebranding highlights Flashtalking’s tools for customizing the creative content of digital advertising and a growing role for generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers apps such as ChatGPT. “We’re […]


CIMM Summit Will Showcase Key Issues for TV Advertising Market: CIMM’s Jon Watts

NEW YORK – This year’s CIMM Summit arrives as the media, marketing and adtech industries debate the best ways to set the value of cross-platform advertising for brands of all sizes. “We’re 18 months to two years into a transition to a multicurrency marketplace,” Jon Watts, managing director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement […]

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