LAS VEGAS – Many consumers divide their time spent with media among a wide array of content providers and devices. A variety of data signals provides clues for how to reach them.

“If you think about just using data to find an audience, you have to think about how then that plays out in terms of relevance,” Lisa Giacosa, chief investment officer at Publicis Groupe’s Spark Foundry, said in this interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser at CES 2024.

The context for advertising also can help to determine its outcome, she said, citing an example of a toy brand that seeks to reach children who are co-viewing with an adult, and to separately reach the adult who makes the final purchase.

US TV and CTV Ad Spending

“When you think about proper context, it’s about understanding not only who your audience is, but the mindset they’re in,” Giacosa said, adding that its Epsilon data provide consumer insights.

Amazon’s launch of Prime Ads on January 29 and Netflix’s expansion of its advertising inventory can help brands to reach audiences including people who have canceled a cable subscription or only watch streaming.

“That’s going to give us an opportunity to hopefully have an more differentiating market, where he have more inventory, a precise way of targeting so we can get those effective CPMs,” Giacosa said.

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