LAS VEGAS – ChatGPT popularized the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence to create text on almost any subject and in any style. The technology has applications for professionals in media and marketing.

“Being able to kind of distill things into more human-readable language — that has been transformative in our ability to actually garner insights from massive data sets in a far faster way than we’ve ever been able to do,” Paolo Yuvienco, chief technology officer at Omnicom, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at CES 2024.

Generative AI has led to speculation about how it will affect how brands present themselves online, how publishers create content and how people find information. Yuvienco said he doesn’t expect to see massive disruption to the ways things have been done.

“This technology, like most technologies, is really providing kind of a supercharged capability around what your area of expertise already is,” he said. “It’s going to accelerate our ability to get the insights faster and get better results and outcomes for our clients.”

A human touch won’t necessarily be lost as brands automate more of their marketing operations, he said.

“The trick is going to find the perfect balance between human intelligence and machine,” Yuvienco said. “Creativity is always going to have a mix of humans and machines that’s going to drive true differentiation, which will ultimately drive those outcomes that our clients are expecting.”

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