Beginning this week, all newly published Beet.TV videos are being surfaced on the 350,000 Bloomberg terminals worldwide.

The terminals are the essential tool for finance professionals, government leaders and other key influencers.

The association with Bloomberg represents new distribution to a vast and valued audience. It greatly enhances the content and voices we cover on Beet.TV.

Our little “salon” just got bigger, and more influential, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Terminal owners will see Beet.TV videos via industry sector, stock symbol and on our own directory page. Subscribers will receive headline alerts when  stories are posted. Headlines connect to the full Beet.TV video and article on the Bloomberg terminal browser.

Also surfaced on the Bloomberg terminal is the Beet.TV Twitter feed which serves additional headlines into the feed.

Beet.TV will continue to appear on this site as well as on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Note to Terminal Users: Beet content can be found at {NH BLG_BEET_TV <GO>}