Big Video Files Move as E-Mail Attachments with Pando File Sharing Software

View a transcript of this interview Sending big video files around by e-mail is limited.  Many e-mail programs limit outgoing and incoming files to 10 MG.    Pando, a peer-to-peer BitTorrent-based sharing program, is now allowing users of Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL to send up to a 1 GB file with their […]


Get Better “Google Juice” Through Effective Blogging, Six Apart’s Anil Dash Explains

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Here’s my second interview with Anil Dash, evangelist for Six Apart, the biggest blog software company. Anil explains something basic and essential: successful blogging brings high search recognition on Google, referred to by some as "Google Juice." Having content that can be found by Google is […]


BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine to Mainstream Media: You Don’t Necessarily Have the “Secret Sauce”

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Jon Fine, the highly influential media and advertising columnist for BusinessWeek dropped by the Beet.TV studios earlier this week to share his thoughts on the vast changes in the economics of content development. Jon is a rock musician.  He reflects on the change of costs for […]


Veotag Indexes Videos to Create “Chapters”

Click To Play There is so much video out there but it’s hard find which is useful. Companies from the large video sharing sites to new search start-ups are making video easier to find. It’s a critical area for development for our industry. Veotag has developed a technology to index videos, meaning a tool to […]


Believe in Beets: Borcht is Hangover Cure, CNET’s Chow Editor Reveals — More Holiday Food Tips from Video-Centric Food Site

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Earlier this month, I caught up with CNET’s Chow food editor Aida Mollenkamp in Manhattan’s Union Square Park.  She was in town with her boss Jane Goldman to tell us about plans to publish user-generated videos of recipes and restaurant reviews on the site in the […]


Chris Anderson Sees “Long Tail” of Business Opps for Individual Video Producers

Here’s our second installment of my interview with Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson in his office in San Francisco. Chris’s "Long Tail" is the number one business book of the year on Amazon. Chris frames the imperative of individuals blogging and vlogging and says it’s not necessarily about money at this stage, but much […]


Skype Is New Distribution Platform for High Quality Video Files

I spoke with Robert Levitan of Pando earlier this week.  Pando has created a BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer desktop application that allow users to quickly send files to each other.  The files can be up to 1 GB.  This is important as the distribution of high quality video files is difficult, slow and costly.  Pando has a […]


The “Scoop” for 2007: The Customer will be Video Producer — Empowered with New Video Sharing Tools, Legions of Companies and Media Publishers Will Feature User Generated Video

Click To Play How cool is this? A new marketing site for Haagen-Dazs ice cream has a promotion going on, inviting  ice cream lovers with video cams to upload their own ice cream recipes to the page. The New York Times regional paper in South Carolina, the Spartanburg Herald Journal, is asking readers to upload […]


Eat This Video: CNET’s “Chow” Food Site to Upload Community-Generated Content in the New Year

Click To Play Jane Goldman is a pioneering editor whom many of us remember from the Industry Standard where she was Editor, working for Jonathan Weber and John Battelle. Two years ago, Jane launched Chow magazine — an edgy, new kind of food magazine.  Here’s a story about the launch from Newsweek. After the publication’s […]


Om Speaks: Cisco’s Promise of Broadband is Here — Next Year’s Video Revolution will be About a Faster Network in the U.S.

Click To Play It was great to see Om Malik earlier this month in San Francisco at the world headquarters of GigaOM, the increasingly influential blog about technology.    I’ve known Om Malik for nearly 10 years through his work at Forbes, Red Herring and Business 2.0.  He has been covering broadband as deeply as […]


Stumbleupon Now Organizes Videos in Cool New Skin….Time Magazine’s Person of the Year is “You” — “YouTube Gurus” Loom Large in the Annual Issue

Click To Play Stumbleupon is a powerful community tool to organize preferences of Web sites around personal and group interests.  (I am pleased to say that a lot of folks stumbleupon Beet.TV, which I know from reviewing my traffic logs — and that’s great!) It’s been growing and now there are some 1.6 million registered […]


Rocketboom Finds Audiences Beyond the Digerati, Host Joanne Colan Tells Beet.TV — Wiki Translation of Show Is in German

We are huge fans of Rocketboom, the pioneering video blog that has continued to be innovative after more than 500 shows.  We think Joanne Colan is a witty and charming host.  Yesterday, we visited the studio to watch the taping of today’s show. We had some fun watching Joanne’s give and take with producer Ian […]


Consumers Are Discovering Video on Their Digital Cameras in Big Numbers: CNET’s Photo Sharing Site Integrates Video — Could Flickr and Picasa Be Far Behind?

Click To Play According Martin Green, head of CNET’s WebShots site, about 20 percent of users of digital cameras are aware or have used the video function on their digital cameras. He says more and more are figuring this out and sees it as a big trend. CNET’s Webshots has responded by incorporating video upload […]

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