CANNES — In an industry that moves as fast (and relentlessly) as advertising does, it can be hard to take a step back and ponder some of life’s deeper, more meaningful questions.

But that’s exactly what speakers and attendees did during the She Runs It luncheon at the Beet Villa on Wednesday.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of celebrating all things creativity on La Croisette, the conversation in the hills served as a moment of respite — and an opportunity to focus on how women in advertising were finding purpose, meaning and fulfillment in their careers and everyday lives.

Executives from companies including TikTok, Spark Foundry and Twitter concluded that the path to finding purpose was akin to uncovering the spark that powers an epic piece of creative — but the paradox was that it also required getting off the work hamster wheel to check in with your inner compass.

Here, we share some of the best snippets of advice for creatives searching for fulfillment at every stage of their career journey:

“Write down a mission statement for your life. It can have nothing to do with work — it’s who you want to be in the world — and the impact that you want to have on the Earth. Once you establish that and are clear about it, you can arrive at the office (or on the screen) and automatically be ‘on purpose.’” – Najoh Tita-Reid, Global CMO, Logitech

“I find purpose by being still … In the midst of navigating complex issues and everyday challenges, it’s important to stop and realign with your unique perspective on the world. Think about your values, and ensure that your everyday activities are grounded in that.” — Esther (ET) Franklin, Global Strategy Officer, Spark Foundry

“There is power in the pause … When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, sometimes finding purpose is about stepping back to be sure that you’re being intentional with how you’re using your time.” — Illianna Acosta, Senior Manager, Channel Sales, LinkedIn.

“Purpose doesn’t have to be this one, big, lifetime goal … You can think about it in smaller doses, like what is the intention you’re putting into the world every day, and how are you acting on it?” — Kasha Cacy, Global CEO, Big Village

“Ask yourself, ‘Is the thing I’m doing aligned with my purpose?’ Of course, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do things like answer mails or pay your taxes — it just means asking yourself why you’re doing certain things and whether you could be doing something different.” — Belinda J. Smith, Founder & CEO, The Second Arrow

“[Purpose is] the thing that moves you gutturally inside that you know is going to change the world. … and it differs based on every person. But you can find it when you know you’re doing work and building relationships that are grounded in your values.” — Sarah Personette, Chief Customer Officer, Twitter

“Purpose is about the journey and the people that we build with. But it’s also about the work. So focus on your craft. Don’t get caught up and be so focused on rushing to the destination … Make sure you study and hone in on your craft and you’ll kill it!” — Krystle Watler, Head of Creative Agency Partnerships, North America, TikTok

As is clear during our time spent in the beautiful French Riviera, amidst the sizzle reels, the awards, and of course, the rosé, the key to living a fulfilled (and creative) life truly lies in creating meaningful interactions with coworkers, clients, family and friends every day.

Editor’s Note: These videos were recorded on June 22 at Cannes Lions as part of the She Runs It Summit hosted by Beet.TV and supported by Mediaocean and Twitter. Reporting was done by Tameka Kee, Beet.TV Correspondent.

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