SAN JUAN – While only a category 1 hurricane, the slow-moving Fiona dumped excessive amounts of rain on the island, creating widespread destruction and power and water outages for most of the residents.

As things slowly come back, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico are providing essential services, notably hot meals distributed at eight locations, serving nearly 3,000 citizens each day.

The hurricane has been a trying event for the island dealing with Covid, minor earthquakes and the the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in 2017, says Olga Ramos, president of the Boys Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico. Beet.TV interviewed her in her office in San Juan via Zoom.

Olga makes an appeal for contributions to help with the relief effort but also around a longer range goal of providing essential support to the island’s young people.

Olga, previously a longtime Walmart executive, is dauntless – as is her staff.

Please join us in making a tax deductible contribution to this wonderful organization. You can use this link.  And if you are in Puerto Rico, you must meet Olga and their team. They are truly inspirational.