Snowflake Sees Emergent Data-Sharing Uses, M&A To Boost Interoperability

LAS VEGAS — In the wake of a post-cookie advertising landscape, the shift toward first-party data strategies is gaining momentum, according to Bill Stratton, Global Head, Media, Entertainment & Advertising Vertical, at Snowflake. The data cloud company is seeing brands increasingly leveraging clean rooms and first-party data. And Snowflake recently acquired another data company to […]


Snowflake’s Stratton Puts Ad Data Processes In The Cloud

The modern digital advertising industry has a difficult decision point, with many executives wanting to heed the new privacy imperative whilst nevertheless sharing that audience data with third-party data companies. That dualism would seem to be intractable – but Bill Stratton doesn’t think so. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the global head of media, […]