Snowflake Sees Emergent Data-Sharing Uses, M&A To Boost Interoperability

LAS VEGAS — In the wake of a post-cookie advertising landscape, the shift toward first-party data strategies is gaining momentum, according to Bill Stratton, Global Head, Media, Entertainment & Advertising Vertical, at Snowflake. The data cloud company is seeing brands increasingly leveraging clean rooms and first-party data. And Snowflake recently acquired another data company to […]


Data Collaboration Is Unlocking Value for Marketers: Snowflake’s Bill Stratton

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The growth in video streaming is pushing media companies to not only establish one-to-one relationships with consumers, but also how to parlay their growing troves of consumer data into revenue streams. Data collaboration is becoming more important even as newer privacy regulations give consumer greater control over how their data are […]


Investment in OpenAP Is ‘Good Fit for Us’: Snowflake’s Bill Stratton

NEW YORK – The venture capital unit of data cloud company Snowflake this week announced an investment in OpenAP, the advanced advertising platform formed in a collaboration with major U.S. media companies. Bill Stratton, global head, media, entertainment and advertising vertical at Snowflake, offered more insights into the investment in this conversation with Beet.TV at […]


Snowflake’s Stratton Puts Ad Data Processes In The Cloud

The modern digital advertising industry has a difficult decision point, with many executives wanting to heed the new privacy imperative whilst nevertheless sharing that audience data with third-party data companies. That dualism would seem to be intractable – but Bill Stratton doesn’t think so. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the global head of media, […]