LAS VEGAS — 2024 is finally the year when it seems the cookie will crumble.

On January 4, 2024, Google began rolling out Tracking Protection for 1% of a randomly-selected group of Chrome users, due to ramp-up through 2024.

For advertisers, the impending changes will affect everything from campaign setup to reporting and measuring.

Jennifer Lee, SVP, Global Head of Services, TripleLift, says that is forcing ad buyers to adjust – “the sooner the better”.

Timeline for third-party cookie deprecation. As part of Chrome-facilitated testing, the opt-in testing with labels mode started in Q4 2023 and the 1% 3PC deprecation mode from January 4th, 2024. Both continue through to mid-Q3 2024 when the third-party cookie phaseout starts.

Urgency for Change

Emphasizing the impact of the third-party cookie deprecation, Lee estimates that “right now about 47% of the open internet is unreachable”.

This statistic underlines the urgency of the issue, even before Google’s planned deprecation of the 1% of traffic encompassed by the test.

Despite the fact that third-party cookies are not likely to disappear completely until the end of the year, Lee argues that the urgency to adapt is now.

“It’s a ton of education that needs to happen. It’s like having insurance – you don’t want to be caught without it,” she explained.

A Mixed Bag of Reactions

When asked about how clients are responding to this ongoing development, says: “It’s been a mixed bag.”

While some clients, particularly those testing TripleLift’s solution, TripleLift Audiences, have seen “incredible results,” many are not moving as swiftly as they should be.

Lee expressed concern over clients’ reliance on ID solutions, stating that this “really isn’t going to give you the full coverage.”

TripleLift Audiences was launched in mid-2023 as a new targeting solution effective in cookie-constrained environments for both publishers and advertisers.

TripleLift Announces New Audience Targeting Solution Powered By First Party Data

Encouraging Results

TripleLift Audiences, a solution “powered by our acquisition of award-winning DMP 1plusX,” is showing promising results. Lee revealed that, in the second half of last year, it was in beta testing and yielded significant results for both advertisers and publishers.

Trials with a large consumer electronics brand led to a 33% lower cost per click.

From a publishing standpoint, publishers saw CPMs increase by 25%. “So it’s really been a win-win for both sides,” Lee asserts.

TripleLift Audiences is expected to be generally available in the US by the end of the first quarter.

The interview was conducted by Mike Shields, CEO, Shields Strategic Consulting.

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