LAS VEGAS — As the sun sets on the era of cookies, advertisers are preparing to navigate a transformed identity landscape.

In the wake of Chrome’s final deprecation of the identifiers, Scott Kozub, Experian’s VP of Product Management, reveals the industry’s trajectory towards alternative tactics.

In this video interview with Beet.TV,” Kozub also explains Experian’s recently-inked partnership with Samsung Ads.

Experian’s Alliance with Samsung

Experian has recently announced a strategic alliance with Samsung, aiming to activate data for advertisers. It involves integrating Experian’s identity and audience data into Samsung Ads’ DSP.

“We created a partnership with Samsung because we realized there was a critical need to bring data about who people are beyond maybe what Samsung has at a device-level.

Marrying our data into Samsung, with our ID graph and with their data, allows advertisers to reach people in a more consistent way,” explains Kozub.

“The data capabilities with Samsung means that the advertisers can be more relevant, more precise with their targeting,” Kozub adds.

“They’re going to be able to reach the people that matter inside of those households,” Kozub foresees.

The Future of Data and Privacy

Looking towards 2024, Kozub highlights the end of the cookie era as a significant turning point.

“Descriptive data, data about who people are, carries a huge level of privacy and sort of compliance questions around it.

“Working with Samsung means the data doesn’t really get out of that system. So I think that it really meets the consumer privacy lens as well,” Kozub asserts.

As we step into this new era of digital advertising, it is clear that the emphasis is on creating a more seamless, personalized, and privacy-focused experience for consumers.

Kozub says the elimination of cookies may in fact be a blessing in disguise.

The rise of addressable and connected TV, according to Kozub, is triggering a significant shift in advertising strategy.

“People can be on target, they can reach the individuals on the big screen … that has a more persistent identifier,” he adds.

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