Dentsu, IRIS.TV Partnership Enables Contextual CTV Ads At Massive Scale: IRIS.TV CEO Garthwaite

The ability to deeply interrogate video content is giving advertisers the ability to precisely target content segments, and ad agencies are warming-up to the idea. In September, dentsu announced a new solution, Contextual Intelligence (CI) for Connected Television (CTV), a cookie-less solution using video-level keyword targeting to help advertisers understand where there CTV ads would […]


IRIS.TV’s Garthwaite Re-Imagines Transparency For Streaming TV

SAN JUAN, PR — When you don’t have the raw materials, you need to mine a different seam. That’s what Field Garthwaite did when he co-founded IRIS.TV, contextual targeting enablement software company for video. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Garthwaite explains why it is crucial that connected TV can approximate the same kind of […]


Household IDs Can Mislead, Content IDs Address The Moment: IRIS.TV’s Garthwaite

SANTA MONICA, CA — It seemed like such a lightbulb moment, the idea that measuring actual connected TV consumption could improve the measurement of TV ads to such a personal degree. Unfortunately, “household identity graphs” don’t necessarily solve the intrinsic problem that TV sets often enable communal viewing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Field Garthwaite, […]


Voices from the #BeetRetreat: Ashwin Navin, Howard Shimmel, Mike Fisher, Field Garthwaite, Tracey Scheppach and Kelly Abcarian

LOS ANGELES –  More great conversations from the stage of the Beet Retreat in Santa Monica last month.   Delighted  to present thee segments on this episode of the #BeetCast podcast. Lots to  listen to about the changing state of TV measurement with Ashwin Navin of Samba TV in a conversation with Howard Shimmel, plus  a […]


Content Identifiers Help to Spur Large-Scale Ad Reach: IRIS.TV’s Field Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – The growing popularity of streaming video is giving advertisers another way to reach millions of U.S. consumers who watch a broader variety of on-demand programming. Marketers want to ensure that their messaging appears next to content that’s not only relevant to target audiences, but also is brand-safe. “Core to measurement is content […]


IRIS.TV Lets Finecast Buyers Target Through The Eye Of Context: Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – When one of the world’s largest media buyers plugs contextual targeting into its connected TV offering, you know the new practice is about to get a leg-up. That’s what GroupM’s Finecast did in November, when it announced it would make IRIS.TV’s contextual targeting and brand safety tools available to its US local […]


Brands Seek Greater Transparency for CTV Ads: IRIS.TV’s Field Garthwaite

The migration of viewers from traditional linear television to streaming platforms like Hulu and the Roku Channel is pushing brands to divide their advertising budgets among a wider group of media outlets. Their spending is expected to grow, though they will want greater transparency into the connected TV (CTV) marketplace. “Buyers don’t have transparency into […]


IRIS.TV: Machine Learning Yields Personalized Video Streams

BOSTON – Akin to what Pandora has done with streaming music, IRIS.TV brings adapted machine learning to video viewing preferences. Its white-label solution, licensed to digital publishers, uses artificial intelligence to create a “personalized viewing experience for every viewer,” according to CEO and Co-Founder Field Garthwaite. “We ingest the archive from a publisher, look at […]