Dentsu, IRIS.TV Partnership Enables Contextual CTV Ads At Massive Scale: IRIS.TV CEO Garthwaite

The ability to deeply interrogate video content is giving advertisers the ability to precisely target content segments, and ad agencies are warming-up to the idea. In September, dentsu announced a new solution, Contextual Intelligence (CI) for Connected Television (CTV), a cookie-less solution using video-level keyword targeting to help advertisers understand where there CTV ads would […]


IRIS.TV’s Garthwaite Re-Imagines Transparency For Streaming TV

SAN JUAN, PR — When you don’t have the raw materials, you need to mine a different seam. That’s what Field Garthwaite did when he co-founded IRIS.TV, contextual targeting enablement software company for video. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Garthwaite explains why it is crucial that connected TV can approximate the same kind of […]


Relevance, Not Rocket Science: IRIS.TV’s Hyden On LiveRamp, SpringServe Link-Up

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Richie Hyden is on a quest to make sure video and TV content can be mined, understood, targeted against and relevant. The co-founder and COO of IRIS.TV, a contextual targeting enablement software company for video, is fresh from having just signed a partnership to continue that journey. In this video […]


Context Is Rebooted For CTV: IRIS.TV’s Hyden

LOS ANGELES — Contextual targeting is nothing new. In fact, you could say the new limitations on audience identification are driving the industry back to the old practice of content adjacency. However, what has become standard practice for web articles is a different ballgame for streaming TV. In this video interview with Beet.TV, IRIS.TV co-founder […]


IRIS.TV Lets Finecast Buyers Target Through The Eye Of Context: Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – When one of the world’s largest media buyers plugs contextual targeting into its connected TV offering, you know the new practice is about to get a leg-up. That’s what GroupM’s Finecast did in November, when it announced it would make IRIS.TV’s contextual targeting and brand safety tools available to its US local […]


IRIS.TV Enables Amagi’s Contextual CTV On Road To The Buy Side: Hyden

LOS ANGELES – The ads seen on streaming connected TV channels could be about to get smarter, following a deal between and Amagi. Amagi, which helps bring streaming channels to CTV platforms, is partnering with, whose technology mines video for data that can be passed as ad targeting signals, to enable contextual targeting […] Nails $18 Million Round led by Intel Capital

LOS ANGELES – is taking an $18 million Series B funding round to tackle problems in connected TV and online video advertising. The LA company offers a contextual video marketplace which uses natural language processing to automatically add and structure video metadata, helping ad buyers decide which inventory to buy against. In this video interview […]


Context Is Back: Comscore’s Gantz Reboots An Old Ad-Tech

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The digital ad industry has spent the last five to 10 years deriding the old method of targeting advertisements, which involved placing ads against recognisable content deemed to deliver a suitable audience. Instead, it got preoccupied with technologies which promise hyper-detailed targeting of individual users, regardless of the content they are […]


Ad Tech & Content Tech Should Be The Same:’s

CANNES — In media environments, the historic separation between “church and state” – editorial and commercial – has long served newsrooms well. But what if emerging technology imperatives said that both sides could now benefit more from shared interest? “When you look at the kind of the technologies that underpin this entire industry, you’ve always […]


Regardless Of The Source, Unwatched Video Isn’t Viable: IRIS.TV’s Harrison

Amid the “battle that we’re seeing play out right now” among major media companies for streaming video revenue, one thing is certain. It’s hard to monetize video that doesn’t get watched, according to IRIS.TV’s Daniel Harrison. “You’ve got a lot going on, but ultimately each of these companies needs to figure out a strategy that […]


IRIS.TV: Machine Learning Yields Personalized Video Streams

BOSTON – Akin to what Pandora has done with streaming music, IRIS.TV brings adapted machine learning to video viewing preferences. Its white-label solution, licensed to digital publishers, uses artificial intelligence to create a “personalized viewing experience for every viewer,” according to CEO and Co-Founder Field Garthwaite. “We ingest the archive from a publisher, look at […]


Video Recommendation Startup Iris.TV Aim to Boost Video Views

Video recommendation engine Iris.TV is betting its tools can generate a 50% increase in video views for publishers, says Field Garthwaite, Founder and CEO of Iris.TV during an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. Iris.TV’s technology recommends additional short-form ad-supported content for users, Garthwaite explains. Iris integrates with all major video players, and any ad server or […]