SAN JUAN, PR — In a modern world fuelled by data and targeting, it would be tempting for ad planners to go into niche pockets.

But Sam Bloom wants to stick with the big guys.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bloom, CEO, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, says only scale can overcome the industry’s fragmentation challenges.

3D chess

Camelot is the Dallas-based agency founded in 1983. It topped Ad Age’s Best Places to Work list for 2023.

But Bloom says helping clients develop the best strategy is like playing “3D chess”.

He says that involves simultaneously tackling diverse inventory sources, fragmented audiences and splintered measurement solutions.

Finding the ‘fat tail’

To overcome that, Bloom aims to go large.

“We look at overall consumption of video, and it’s dominated by a handful of players,” he says. “You have a handful of media conglomerates and then there’s a fairly sizeable long tail.

“We always focus on the ‘fat tail’. We focus where the big guys are. When you have scale, when you have consumption, you also have targeting and the ability to do (frequency) suppression.

“It’s (also) a little bit easier to measure when you’ve got scale. Fragmentation is the enemy of measurement. It’s the enemy of onboarding data. So scale is really important.

“Scale really does matter because it brings, gives you the targeting and the precision and the measurement.”

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