Adtech Is Another Means to an End for Marketing Goals: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Brands and their agencies are continually bombarded with pitches on technology that promises to improve the outcomes of advertising. Their goals ultimately determine the need for these solutions. “The way I see the world is we’re playing a 3D chess game, Sam Bloom, chief executive at Camelot Strategic Marketing & […]


Focus On The Fat Tail: Camelot CEO Bloom On Why Scale Matters

SAN JUAN, PR — In a modern world fuelled by data and targeting, it would be tempting for ad planners to go into niche pockets. But Sam Bloom wants to stick with the big guys. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bloom, CEO, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, says only scale can overcome the industry’s […]


2023 Will Bring More Tests of Media Measurement: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

LAS VEGAS – Marketers this year will be to evaluate which different providers of media measurement provide the best insights into the television viewing behaviors of consumers they want to reach. That includes Nielsen’s tools for cross-platform measurement of linear television and streaming. “There’s some very exciting things going on. You’ve got Nielsen One rolling […]


Ad Performance Gets Attention in Multichannel World: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

ORLANDO – Consumers have more ways to watch their favorite shows at any time as more programming is distributed through internet-connected devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones. This fragmented media environment challenges advertisers to track the effectiveness of these channels within a broader campaign. “It’s clear that there is real emphasis on multichannel […]


Contextual Advertising, First-Party Data Shape CTV Strategies: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

CANNES – Consumers are gaining more tools to protect their privacy, challenging marketers to find other ways to improve the focus of their advertising campaigns. As tracking cookies and device identifiers lose their effectiveness, the context in which ads appear is regaining value as an indicator of audience characteristics. “We’re having to rethink targeting. I […]


First-Party Data Help With Audience Suppression Strategies: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

LOS ANGELES – Successful advertising campaigns not only depend on reaching the right audiences at the right time, but also minimizing duplicated reach among different media channels. First-party consumer data can help to be more selective with ad targeting on connected TV platforms. “That data can be used in a variety of different ways — […]