SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Many technology companies whose revenue comes from digital advertising have cut jobs in the past year, partly reversing two years of rapid hiring to keep up with the strong growth in streaming and online shopping during the pandemic. Outdoor advertising has seen opposite trends, bouncing back as brands seek to reach consumers who resumed commuting to work, going out to restaurants and shopping in stores.

“We’ve come out of the pandemic with a big bang. We’ve seen this last year more interest in out-of-home than ever,” Anna Bager, president and chief executive of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), said in this interview at the Beet Retreat San Juan. “We’re probably going to close out the year on double-digit growth and bigger than we were in 2019.”

Digital signage can be updated almost instantaneously, giving advertisers more flexibility with their outdoor campaigns.

“Digital enables out-of-home to be much more swift and in the moment,” Bager said. “You can change the message, you can use data, based on the weather or other things that are happening around it.”

Digital out-of-home also can carry video, helping to expand the creative range of outdoor advertising. Ad messaging also can be customized based on the location and geographic context.

“It’s really reaching consumers where they are in a very immersive experience with context and a lot of knowledge about the consumer in a different way than maybe when they’re in the living room,” Bager said. “We think that we’re a great video channel that can help create an audience extension and really connect with consumers as they leave their home and until they’re back.”

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