Anything Is POSSIBLE: OAAA’s Bager Sees A ‘Share Shift’ For DOOH, AI On Learning Agenda

As the sun comes out this spring, many marketers will be heading to Miami for the POSSIBLE conference, April 15 to 17, “The timing of it is great,” says Anna Bager, President & CEO of OAAA. “We’re in a very interesting year, full of challenge and change, and it’s an election year. There’s a lot […]


Out Of Home Advertising Is Hotter Than Ever: OAAA’s Anna Bager

SALISBURY, CT — Out of Home (OOH) advertising is experiencing a moment in the sun. Anna Bager, the President & CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), believes that OOH is “hotter than we’ve ever been”. In this video interview with Mike Shields at Beet Retreat Berkshires, Bager says OOH is […]


Digital Formats Are Transforming Outdoor Ads: OAAA’s Anna Bager

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Many technology companies whose revenue comes from digital advertising have cut jobs in the past year, partly reversing two years of rapid hiring to keep up with the strong growth in streaming and online shopping during the pandemic. Outdoor advertising has seen opposite trends, bouncing back as brands seek to […]


Digital Technologies Are Transforming Out-of-Home Advertising: OAAA’s Anna Bager

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Out-of-home advertising is rebounding as brands seek to reach consumers who getting outdoors more often after being stuck at home during the early days of the pandemic. Alongside this shift, technological advancements are transforming outdoor advertising. “We’re going through a big digital transformation right now,” Anna Bager, president and chief […]


Outdoor Media’s Rebirth Comes With New Tech Tools: OAAA’s Anna Bager

Out-of-home advertising is rebounding as marketers seek to reach consumers who are itching to get back to pre-pandemic activities like traveling, going out to eat, attending live events and shopping in stores. Brands also are relying on software tools to improve their targeting and contextual messaging amid the challenges of losing tracking cookies and device […]


Out-of-home Advertising Is ‘Truly Booming’ As U.S. Reopens: OAAA’s Anna Bager

The reopening of the U.S. economy has spurred a rebound in out-of-home advertising as marketers seek to reach people who are itching to get outdoors after being stuck at home during lockdowns. Marketers also have more flexibility in their campaigns as the growth in digital out-of-home makes the delivery of video ads more feasible. “What […]


NewFronts Will Turn Up Volume On Podcasts: IAB’s Bager

PHOENIX — Could podcasts finally be about to get their payday? So often trailed as “the next big thing” in media and marketing, the format remains challenged by measurement issues, but is growing in popularity and in corporate interest, according to Edison Research and Spotify’s recent acquisitions of Gimlet Media and Anchor. A leader of […]


IAB’s Bager Reflects On NewFronts New York, Looks Ahead Hollywood Debut

Sometimes with digital video, shorter is the best way to engage with viewers. With its just-completed Digital Content NewFronts 2018, the IAB “went back to its roots for a week” and had one of its best years yet, says Anna Bager, EVP, Industry Initiatives. “Great presentations, the right amount of great content, sales, customer engagement. […]


New IAB Report Details Complexities Of Digital Video Landscape

Based on its continuing research into how, when and why people consume video content, the IAB is “building a whole commercial innovation program” that will encompass video, audio and other platforms, says Anna Bager, EVP, Industry Initiatives. The IAB’s latest research, released this week, shows just how complicated the video marketplace is. Its Video Landscape […]


Navigating New Solutions: Simulmedia, IAB, DISH, Videology, Google Execs Discuss

MIAMI — The medium of television is moving faster than than it has in decades, maybe even ever, as new opportunities to deliver, measure and monetize programming emerge almost weekly. In advertising, buyers are getting excited about a world in which planning moves beyond the broad demographic audience targeting of yore, to a world of […]


OTT TV Ads Should Have Higher Prices: IAB’s Bager

MIAMI — TV ad rates are known for being amongst the highest in the business. So what happens when ads get pumped to a TV set over an internet connection? According to an executive from publishers’ advertising trade body, OTT TV ads should be higher-priced than those on TV. Asked how the over-the-top rates should […]


IAB Research: Link Between NewFronts, Original Video Ad Spend Upswing

The Internet Advertising Bureau’s latest Video Ad Spend Study shows a near doubling of marketer investments in original digital video since 2015 and a correlation between the buying activity and the NewFronts. Eight out of 10 marketers surveyed for the IAB “said they increased their spending on original digital video because of the NewFronts in […]


IAB’s Bager: Digital Content NewFronts More Marketplace Than Conference

The Digital Content NewFronts has moved from conference to marketplace, with more emphasis on selling amid record attendance. Major themes emerging this year thus far range from OTT to mobile video, brand safety to Gen Z and how content gets distributed to audiences. According to Anna Bager, “lots of deals” have taken place since the […]


IAB Virtual Reality Report A Prelude To Industry Definitions, Guidelines

Is virtual the new reality in advertising? That’s what the Internet Advertising Bureau set out to determine when it recently consulted 24 top marketers, publishers, VR software experts and developer platform executives. “We decided that there’s a lot of interest and hype around VR so we wanted to see if there’s a there there,” Anna […]