SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television viewership is evolving as more households connect the consoles to the internet and many younger consumers think of video as a mobile-first experience on app such as TikTok. Advertisers have to be mindful of these changes as they seek to engage potential customers.

“Converged video is arguably the most important thing facing our ecosystem today,” Mike Fisher, executive director of investment innovation at WPP’s GroupM, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat San Juan with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams.

“People aren’t just watching TV in linear, in addressable, in cable box environments, or in streaming,” he said. “They’re watching TV sitting on their couch, watching the big screen, all sorts of different ways with all sorts of different inputs and content coming into the house.”

In advising advertisers on their media strategies, converged video is a key theme.

“We as a modern media agency need to start thinking about better ways to manage that environment, not just looking at linear or just looking at video on-demand or just looking at streaming,” Fisher said, but also “looking at all the different ways that viewers are accessing content.”

Viewership behaviors drive media-buying decisions more than the different classifications for premium video.

“We take an audience-first approach to it. We don’t want there to be discrete budgets for addressable, for data-driven, for audience-driven, for impressions,” Fisher said. “We’re starting to think more around how television devices are being used outside of just traditional long-form TV content.”

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