Finding TV Audiences Wherever They Are Guides Media Strategy: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

SAN JUAN, PR – Consumers are watching video content among a wide variety of internet-connected devices, challenging marketers to reach them when they’re most receptive to advertising. The role of the modern media agency is to find ways to overcome these hurdles. “As delivery systems, as distribution, as viewers really change the way that they’re […]


GroupM Assembles Industry To Innovate New TV Ad Formats

LAS VEGAS — In an era where streaming is surging, the need to revolutionize ad formats for the digital living room is more critical than ever. So GroupM recently formed an Ad Innovation Accelerator program. BrightLine, Disney, KERV, NBCUniversal, Roku, Telly, and YouTube will join the working group, which GroupM said will “strategize and create […]


JIC Standards Can Help Drive Innovation in Media Market: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

Major buyers and sellers of television advertising this year formed a Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. A key goal is to set some common standards that make the media marketplace more efficient. “Standards are important to create innovation,” Mike Fisher, executive director of investment innovation at GroupM, said in […]


Report Card: Beet Retreat Speakers Rate Ad Industry’s Progress On Advanced TV Journey

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Eleven months after they last gathered on the shores of Puerto Rico to discuss building-out the future of connected TV advertising, how did Beet Retreat San Juan speakers rate the industry’s progress? After four days of debate, networking and socializing at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan, delegates gathered for a […]


Converged Video Is Key to Reaching Consumers: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television viewership is evolving as more households connect the consoles to the internet and many younger consumers think of video as a mobile-first experience on app such as TikTok. Advertisers have to be mindful of these changes as they seek to engage potential customers. “Converged video is arguably the most […]


FAST Channels Are Key Part of Media Plans: Essence/GroupM’s Mike Fisher

NEW YORK – Free, ad-supported television (FAST) services like Pluto TV, Tubi and Xumo give viewers more choices of what to watch on their internet-connected devices. They also are a growing part of the media mix for advertisers that seek to expand their reach to consumers who don’t have a cable or satellite TV services. […]


GroupM Teams With to Improve CTV Ad Viewability

GroupM launched an effort to create new standards for viewability and measurement of advertising that appears on connected television (CTV). The ad-buying giant, a unit of WPP, will have exclusive access to a new software tool that media-measurement firm is developing to verify that commercials appear on streaming video. The test product, iSpot CTV […]


Media Buyers Have More Technology to Hone Video Campaigns: Essence’s Mike Fisher

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The significant shift in viewership from linear television to streaming video has challenged advertisers to reach audiences among a wider variety of media platforms and electronic devices. This change has helped to drive adoption of data and software tools to manage ad campaigns across a more fragmented media landscape. “The […]


Voices from the #BeetRetreat: Ashwin Navin, Howard Shimmel, Mike Fisher, Field Garthwaite, Tracey Scheppach and Kelly Abcarian

LOS ANGELES –  More great conversations from the stage of the Beet Retreat in Santa Monica last month.   Delighted  to present thee segments on this episode of the #BeetCast podcast. Lots to  listen to about the changing state of TV measurement with Ashwin Navin of Samba TV in a conversation with Howard Shimmel, plus  a […]


Content Identifiers Help to Spur Large-Scale Ad Reach: IRIS.TV’s Field Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – The growing popularity of streaming video is giving advertisers another way to reach millions of U.S. consumers who watch a broader variety of on-demand programming. Marketers want to ensure that their messaging appears next to content that’s not only relevant to target audiences, but also is brand-safe. “Core to measurement is content […]


Brands Want TV Makers To Share ‘Whole-House’ Viewing Data: Essence’s Fisher

LOS ANGELES — It is an irony of the modern media age that, in an era of abundant data, so much of it remains out of reach. That leaves agencies like Essence striving to knit together solutions for advertisers using the data streams they can get their hands on. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike […]


CTV Drives Reach, Results for Brands: Execs from Pixability, Essence, Saucony

The growing audience for connected TV (CTV) programming is creating more opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers, especially younger people who have been early adopters of the latest video technologies. However, advertisers also face challenges in viewing activity. CTV Has Room For Improvement in Ad Pods Mike Baker, investor and strategic advisor Differences in the […]


Responsible Media Buying Supports Quality Content: Essence’s Mike Fisher

Improving the media ecosystem for advertisers and consumers is a significant undertaking that involves everything from tackling ad fraud to improving audience measurement methods. It also includes greater awareness of the environmental effects of advertising amid growing concerns about global warming. Responsible advertising “goes a step deeper, and it does get into a little bit […]


CTV Offers High Standards for Responsible Media: Xumo’s Colin Petrie-Norris & Essence’s Mike Fisher

Digital media companies, advertisers and ad-tech companies have fretted that the loss of tracking  cookies and device identifiers is making audience targeting more difficult. Providers of ad-supported streaming video already work in a cookieless environment that’s mindful of the consumer experience. “The lessons in a way that smart TV or CTV advertising is creating a […]


Consumer Experience Reigns Amid TV’s Transformation: Execs from Essence, NBCUniversal, PubMatic, LiveRamp

Ad-supported television is undergoing a significant transformation amid the growth in streaming video services, advancements in programmatic buying and the development of a cross-screen currency. Several industry executives discussed the future of TV advertising when they gathered on June 23 for the Global Forum on Responsible Media,  This video is a summary of interviews with executive who spoke […]


YouTube In Context: Essence’s Fisher Heeds Platform’s Growth

YouTube is now the most-watched living-room digital video platform in the US after Netflix, according to Nielsen. So why aren’t advertisers taking it more seriously when it comes to developing a connected TV advertising plan? In this video interview with Beet.TV, media agency Essence’s Mike Fisher explains the value of YouTube. Shifting viewing “Within the […]


Marketers Seek Unified View of Video Landscape: Essence’s Mike Fisher

Advanced TV has grown more significant to advertisers aiming to reach consumers who are watching video on a broader variety of platforms. Audience fragmentation presents another challenge for brands that want a unified view of the entire landscape, including linear TV and digital video services. “Buyers are looking for reach and frequency measurement across all […]


‘Scale Is There’ on Addressable TV: Essence’s Mike Fisher

Addressable advertising that lets marketers show different commercials to different households through linear TV is poised to become much more popular as national networks expand their targetable inventories. The development will make traditional TV more like digital channels. “Over the last 18 months, addressable has evolved to be something that buyers both on the agency […]


Beyond Verified, OTT Needs Real Measurement: Essence’s Fisher

Suddenly, whether an ad impression was viewable on-screen is table stakes. In the new world, the emerging medium of over-the-top TV is going to need to convince marketers that their ad was truly effective. That’s the view of one ad agency leader charged with plotting the course to the OTT future. In this video interview […]


SSPs Have Critical Role In OTT Ad Sales: Essence’s Fisher

In a medium where more of the ad inventory is sold by the people who actually make the content, the software they use to facilitate transactions will have an increasingly important role. After a decade in which so much display ad inventory was traded through open programmatic exchanges, the emergence of connected, over-the-top (OTT) TV […]

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