SAN JUAN, PR — One of the hottest ad-tech trends already of 2023 could be so transformative, it could simultaneously help brands make innovative use of data combinations whilst also enforcing privacy consciousness.

That is according to David Eisenberg, Chief Strategy Officer, LiveRamp.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Eisenberg says “clean room” environments are “a massive solution for the future”.

‘Incredible advancement’

Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each other – something which could breach the growing number of privacy laws.

Eisenberg describes them as “a really incredible advancement”.

“(They) live up to the expectation of  protecting data, making sure that data isn’t leaked, but actually we can get the utility out of it to make experiences better for the consumer,” he says.

“(Clean rooms) allow them to kind of collaborate really effectively with brands, which is what I think everyone has been looking for.”

Connect to purchase

At CES, Pinterest announced it would partner with LiveRamp to pilot clean rooms for select advertising partners.

Grocery retailer Albertsons is its first advertiser using this new solution, to support the Albertsons Media Collective.

Pinterest Loves ‘The Beauty Of Clean Rooms’: Sweeney

Speaking with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat in Puerto Rico, Eisenberg explained more.

“The idea is, ‘how do you actually take the benefit of Albertsons and their amazing data, their transaction data, their customer data and, in a privacy-compliant way, connect it with Pinterest’s data on their audience?’,” he says.

“It’s incredibly powerful, because it allows both parties to reach the customers that they want to, with kind of the consumer opting in, and then also allows the brands to measure the actual outcome to actually the media. (They can) connect (it) to an in-store transaction or purchase (of) something.

“So it’s really the holy grail of what we’re looking for and gives power to everyone in the ecosystem.”

But LiveRamp nevertheless thinks that many clean room solutions are lacking sufficient integration with other platforms.


LiveRamp is a San Francisco-based technology company whose platform enables companies to connect, control, and activate their data, allowing them to improve customer experiences, drive better business outcomes, and create more personalized marketing campaigns.

LiveRamp’s primary product is its IdentityLink solution, which uses a people-based identifier to unify customer data across offline and online channels. This identifier enables companies to recognize and target their customers across devices and channels, providing a more personalized and relevant customer experience.

In addition, LiveRamp offers a range of other products and services, including data onboarding, data enrichment, and data collaboration. These solutions aim to help companies better understand their customers, improve their marketing efforts, and make more informed business decisions.

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