SAN JUAN, PR — For a while, it looked like the future of media was in the palm of your hand.

Now it could be shifting back to the wall.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Luc Dumont, SVP, Business Development, Madhive, explains why he thinks the advertiser momentum is moving back to the TV.

The big shift

“Over the last few years we’ve seen shifts in marketing budgets from one screen to another one – (for example), desktop moving to mobile,” says Dumont.

“What we seem to be seeing right now is a shift from a smaller screen back to the bigger screen.

“I think advertisers have come to realize that … TV is a very premium environment. The content is extremely premium, it’s safe. There’s a shift back to the TV screen.”

CTV forecast

eMarketer forecasts US connected TV advertising will grow 27.2% through 2023, to $26.92 billion.

That represents 7.3% of total media ad spending.

It comes as the segment sees an expansion of inventory, as new FAST operators launch and SVOD services light-up advertising-supported options.

US Connected TV (CTV) Ad Spending, 2020-2026 (billions, % change, and % of total media ad spending)

Data drive

Madhive’s Dumont thinks harnessing CTV data  is critical.

“In 2023, it’s going to be even more relevant and crucial because CMOs are going to be under the pressure to deliver even better results,” he says.

Madhive is a video-focused DSP.

It works with broadcast groups to enable their salespeople to visit, plan, buy and measure across linear and IP-delivered TV, amongst other channels.

It offers a programmatic platform for all parts of the ecosystem buyers, sellers and data partners – including supporting planning, buying, measurement and AI-based optimization.

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