SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers are swimming in data, especially as connected devices like mobile phones and smart TVs generate nearly endless information about consumers. The data are most valuable when they provide an accurate picture of people’s behavior.

“When data is used correctly, what it enables us to do is to get to a true human insight and a better understanding of that moment of receptivity and how to build emotional connection with a brand and truly connect,” Lisa Giacosa, chief investment officer at Spark Foundry, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

“That’s where creativity really has a role to play,” Giacosa said. “We have to think about the right type of content to drive the right type of attention and the right type of connection that will enable the right business outcome.”

Technology is changing the way consumers spend time with content, driving a generational shift in how brands get noticed. Millennials and Generation Z are heavy users of mobile devices and tend to spend less time with established media channels such as traditional linear television. They also are more multicultural, and want to see themselves represented in advertising and publisher content.

“When you look at the younger people coming up through, they’ve got possibly a shorter attention span. They’re used to it being thumb-stoppable,” Giacosa said. “How do we create the perfect holistic engagement with a consumer, whether that be a six-second TikTok or a 20-minute movie on YouTube or engaging in Instagram with a shoppable moment, or is it some sort of integration combined with the video that we truly love and know?”

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