SANTA MONICA, CA — So, you can now target your TV ad at an individual household. That’s great.

But, in a multi-person home, how do you know who is watching?

Answering that question is going to require bridging so-called “household graphs” with an understanding of individuals – and Scott McKinley thinks he may have the secret sauce.

Truth in focus

San Francisco-based Truthset was founded in 2019 by veterans from Nielsen, Salesforce, LiveRamp and Procter & Gamble.

Its Truthset Inside product is a multi-sourced service to standardize demographic accuracy for audience targeting and media measurement.

It offers Truthscores for 25 demographics based on more than 850 million digital IDs.

Truthscore is Truthset’s attempt to generate a numerical rating corresponding to the accuracy of consumer data.

Who’s At Home? Truthset Aims For More Accurate IDs

Cracking identity

But that’s the present day. Next up, McKinley wants to crack identity.

“As we spoke to clients and partners and they started to understand what we could do on the demographic side, they raised another problem – what about identity?,” he recants.

“As the cookie deprecates … how do we group people into households accurately? How do we then describe that household so that everyone delivering advertising and marketing messages to those households can get the people who they really want, who can respond in the category to their offers?

“So that’s our next mission. And we’re well on the way here, we’ve got a lot of folks already participating in this.”

McKinley says Truthset has a project underway to “understand the likelihood of the attachment of people to postal addresses and those postal addresses and people to the IP addresses where all the content’s coming into your big flat panel television on the wall”.

“We’re moving into identity to hopefully become the arbiter of truth for who a person is and what household should they be associated with,” he says.

Household IDs Can Mislead, Content IDs Address The Moment: IRIS.TV’s Garthwaite

Toward quality

Until then, Truthset is already keeping busy with recently-announced initiatives.

In December, the company announced Data Collective, a grouping of 20 companies and products to help iron-out data inaccuracy problems. According to the company:

“Truthset validated more than 4.3 billion consumer IDs and 25+ attributes from the Data Collective, matching hashed email addresses against independent research panels and U.S. census databases.

“This generated more than 960 million unique email addresses, with probabilistic Truthscores across 25+ demographic attributes.

“These IDs and their associated Truthscores are available to match and score the accuracy of any first or third party consumer data set.”

It’s all part of what McKinley calls a “general movement towards data quality”.

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