Truthset’s McKinley Assembles Billions Of Datapoints In The Quest For Quality

SANTA MONICA, CA — So, you can now target your TV ad at an individual household. That’s great. But, in a multi-person home, how do you know who is watching? Answering that question is going to require bridging so-called “household graphs” with an understanding of individuals – and Scott McKinley thinks he may have the […]


Who’s At Home? Truthset Aims For More Accurate IDs

In the last few years, “identity graph” technology has emerged to help advertisers tackle the problem of conceptualizing a single consumer across multiple devices. For many in connected TV, the focus has settled on household-level identity data. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott McKinley, CEO of ad-tech firm Truthset, says today’s data isn’t […]