SANTA MONICA — If 2022 is really the year when “alternative” currencies began to be used to measure TV consumption, Carol Hinnant must feel like she is living Groundhog Day.

Sparked by splintering consumption patterns and issues surrounding the main measurer of traditional TV, Nielsen, MVPDs have started to use a range of new measurement vendors.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore, says those currencies are great – but Comscore has been alternative for decades now.

From ‘new’ to ‘use’

“I don’t really think the currencies are new,” Hinnant says.

“Comscore has been in business both on the digital and television side of the industry for over 20 years.

“The exciting aspect is we are finally moving into a measurement world where it’s not a monopoly in the television side of the business, and that these new currencies – that are not really new – are actually being used in the marketplace.”

The Recipe For A New Currency: Comscore’s Wilson

Auditing the measurers

Comscore previously acquired Rentrak, a specialist TV measurement outfit, to grow its offering.

Despite Comscore’s historic involvement around the TV space, it has not been as deeply entrenched as rival Nielsen, but is now making a concerted entry.

In February, the Media Rating Council (MRC) said it was putting two Comscore products through its accreditation process, which would make it a recommended TV measurement provider:

  • Comscore TV, replacing TV Essentials and StationView Essentials.
  • Comscore Markets, Comscore’s market definitions offering.

Comscore TV provides national and local live and time-shifted time-based grid reports. Metrics include household level, average audience, universe estimate, households with demographic breaks and compositions including ethnicity, race and income.

The Road To Alt Currencies: Comscore’s Hinnant

In April, MRC said it was putting into “hiatus” accreditation for Comscore’s traditional MMX (Media Metrix) product, saying “the desktop-only nature of the MMX service has been noted as a significant limitation for some time”  because “the online environment has shifted considerably to a heavy
preponderance of mobile traffic”.

After Comscore committed to work on both MMX and its mobile MoMMX equivalent, the companies agreed that Comscore would resubmit MMX for accreditation in early 2023.

Comscore’s wishlist

Comscore TV was due to go to an MRC audit committee by Q3 2022.

“We have just completed our audit process and we’re kind of in a remediation period,” Hinnant says.

“Comscore is committed to the MRC process because we are here, we are being used and transacted on today, and we believe that that’s an important step and that all of the measurement should be transparent.

“The wishlist would be that 50% of all investment dollars be dedicated to new television and cross-platform currencies.

“I think it’s time to move away from one prominent player and really truly value the rich data sources that Comscore can provide.”

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