SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Horizon Media is consolidating its omnichannel media buys through sell-side platform Magnite with a focus on connected television, according to an announcement about their multiyear agreement.

The deal expands their relationship and emphasizes supply-path optimization, which is the process of finding the shortest and most profitable path to ad inventory for demand-side platforms.

Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer of Magnite, discussed the agreement in an interview at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2022.

“We’re really excited to announce our expanded relationship with Horizon Media,” he said. “We think that’s another big step in the direction of consolidation in the industry.”

There are important differences between the digital display ad market and the CTV ad market, Buckley said.

“In connected TV, you typically see a much smaller set of technology partners in order to manage the really high expectations and sophistication around the ad experience, podded ad delivery,” he said, “and in many cases the advertising transactions are predominantly private. It’s mostly deal-driven versus in the display landscape where you have predominantly open market activity.”

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