SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The proliferation of “walled garden” media environments has challenged advertisers to find ways to get a more unified view of consumers. Social media platforms, search engines, connected TV apps and ecommerce companies jealously guard their relationships with customers and their first-party data.

TiVo, the digital video recorder pioneer, has vast troves of consumer data to help advertisers with their data-driven targeting. The company last month introduced a set of ad personalization tools called TiVo Xtend that links content choices with audience segments and dynamic advertising.

The software suite enables “both the buy side, sell side and everything in between to bridge the gap between linear and streaming; the center of it is the data that we’re collecting,” Fariba Zamaniyan, vice president of advanced media and advertising at TiVo, said in this Beet Retreat interview with Sr. Editor Rob Williams.

“We don’t have a really good handle yet, as an industry, of how often and when that content is being consumed, how and who in terms of audiences,” Zamaniyan said. “We’re hoping to fill that gap by providing those profiles of various audiences consuming content, and whether or not they’re exposed or unexposed to linear campaigns.”

Data Accessibility

TiVo’s suite of dynamic solutions is geared for marketers that seek to better understand the audiences they’re reaching through linear television and streamed digital video services.

“We have not put up a wall that says our data is not accessible by the marketplace unless you buy media from us,” Zamaniyan said”. That data is held within our walls that can’t be shared on a licensed basis, for example, to ingest. We’re not a ‘walled garden’ for that reason; we’re one of the last few set-top box providers that doesn’t require an engagement on a media-buy basis.”

VideoAmp Renews Data Licensing Deal With TiVo to Power Cross-Screen Measurement

VideoAmp, a software and data company, renewed its data licensing partnership with TiVo, a unit of Xperi Holding Corp. The deal gives VideoAmp access to viewing patterns for millions of anonymized households in 210 U.S. media markets.

TiVo’s television dataset captures viewership behavior on both live and time-shifted content across its household footprint. The data provide advertisers a comprehensive look at viewing habits for optimization and planning. The dataset is sourced from a cross-section of multiple video programming distributors (MVPDs) and groups of consumers throughout the United States. The contract runs through the end of broadcast year 2026 with renewal options.

“Our commingled viewership dataset is the backbone of our cross-screen measurement solution and platform and we rely on partners like TiVo to help us scale and bring new solutions to a more sophisticated and data-driven advertising landscape,” Nick Chakalos, VideoAmp’s chief strategy officer, said in a statement.

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