TiVo Launching On TVs & Cars To Capture Audience Data

LONDON, UK — A quarter of a century after TiVo launched the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the company, now owned by Xperi, is developing new consumer touchpoints to gather valuable audience data. Speaking with me at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, presented by Index Exchange, Fariba Zamaniyan, VP, Advanced Media & Advertising, TiVo, explained […]


VideoAmp Renews Data Deal With TiVo, Whose Fariba Zamaniyan Says, ‘We’re Not a Walled Garden’

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The proliferation of “walled garden” media environments has challenged advertisers to find ways to get a more unified view of consumers. Social media platforms, search engines, connected TV apps and ecommerce companies jealously guard their relationships with customers and their first-party data. TiVo, the digital video recorder pioneer, has vast troves […]


Influx Of Digital Media Forcing Rethink Of TV Targeting: TiVo’s Zamaniyan

ORLANDO, Florida – The biggest challenge for television advertising buyers and sellers is changing their mindsets and embracing new infrastructure. While it would have been much more difficult a decade ago, the infusion of digital into the TV space has made these changes unavoidable. This is how Fariba Zamaniyan surveys the TV landscape while attending […]