SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — When does QoS translate into CPM?

For one company that was first formed to measure the quality of video streams, its transformation into an audience measurement vendor could help inform the new wave of TV and video ad currencies.

Conviva VP global business development talked with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat San Juan.


“We really, really need to keep the viewer at the forefront of everyone’s mind,” he says.

“For us, it’s really about collecting, normalising data and then making it actionable for folks.”

Conviva was founded under a different name in 2006 to measure the technical quality of streams experienced by viewers, in what were still relatively early days for online video.

Conviva these days offers media and ad sales planners insight into audience segmentation and deduplicated reach and frequency.

From Quality To Quantity: How Conviva Became A Video Measurement Powerhouse

Deterministic currencies

The TV and video industry in 2022 is evolving its measurement basis off traditional panels and a single provider.

Multi-platform publishers and broadcast networks are testing new measurement and currency providers, in what is shaping up to be a multi-currency ecosystem.

Shears says data captured straight from actual streams can help.

“We’re capturing deterministic data for our publisher clients,” he says. “That’s really important because that is a missing link in any kind of cross platform currency debate that you would like to have.”

Data layers

Conviva can also overlay data from sources like Experian and Gracenote.

It applies a household identity model to assign its Stream ID to each household.

“It’s really applying deterministic data sets to the cross platform measurement companies and allowing them to create their analytics,” Shears explains.

“If you apply to deterministic data, you can also help to recalibrate the way that some of those methodologies might be coming to market.”