Deterministic Data Can Drive New Currencies: Conviva’s Shears

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — When does QoS translate into CPM? For one company that was first formed to measure the quality of video streams, its transformation into an audience measurement vendor could help inform the new wave of TV and video ad currencies. Conviva VP global business development talked with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat […]


From Quality To Quantity: How Conviva Became A Video Measurement Powerhouse

LOS ANGELES — When is a stream not a stream? When the streams are played by viewers using a plethora of different devices. That creates a measurement problem for streaming platforms and their advertisers. But one company that has been monitoring streaming quality for two decades says it has the answer. In this video interview […]


Conviva Now Analyzing 4 Billion Monthly Global Streams for ESPN, HBO, others

LAS VEGAS — Conviva, the streaming video analytics firm used by many digital publishers including ESPN and HBO, is analyzing some 4 billion monthly video streams to help publishers manage the delivery of video from the  ingestion points to the CDN to the “last mile” connection to the home or mobile device.  For an overview […]