SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – National television networks are in the process of opening themselves up to addressable advertising, which lets marketers send different ads to different households during the same shows. The capability has existed in local cable markets for two minutes of commercial breaks every hour, making the national inventories of 14 minutes every hour a major expansion.

Before brands commit significant budgets to addressable advertising, they want measurement capabilities to help ensure they’re attaining their reach and frequency goals.

“There’s definitely work that needs to continue to be done to improve measurability in addressable, and we are actively doing that,” Julian Zilberbrand, executive vice president of advanced media at Paramount Global, said in this #BeetRetreat interview with Rob Williams, senior editor for Beet.TV.

Paramount is collaborating with various companies in the media supply chain to ensure advertisers have adequate distribution and measurement support, he said.

As national TV advertising becomes more targeted, marketers need to work on customizing the creative content of their commercials to get noticed among different audiences, Zilberbrand said.

“You don’t want to use the same creative asset that you might be running nationally specifically in an addressable environment,” he said. “Perhaps that might require a different potential message. Where is the investment or even the investment in technology that will allow advertisers to kind of enhance the creative experience in an addressable environment?”

Paramount has aggregated an audience of 50 million households for addressable advertising, and is working with its distribution partners to accelerate execution capabilities.

“At the end of the day, addressability or one-to-one conversation is a tactic that an advertiser needs to use or utilize when it makes sense for them,” Zilberbrand said. “When we think about aggregating audiences and when we think about reaching our consumers, it’s important to have the right conversation at the right time with the right creative message and to be able to then report on that effectively.”

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