3A’s of Television Advertising Are Attention, Addressability and Automation: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers want to know not only that their advertising is being delivered through media channels, but also that it’s affecting consumer behavior. Increasingly, these insights include measurements of people’s attention to advertising. Paramount – whose media brands include CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Showtime, along with streaming platforms […]


CTV’s Advertising Power Is Emerging for Targeting: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions to the internet, opening up the possibility to watch a wider range of programming. Because each connection has its own internet protocol (IP) address, television advertising can be targeted at segments of the broader audience. “CTV delivers a promise of having that direct […]


Partnerships Make All TV’s Boats Rise: Paramount’s Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Julian Zilberbrand knows a thing or two about uniting companies’ different interests. As EVP advanced media at ViacomCBS, he led the development of advanced TV ad strategy in the company combining Viacom and CBS, and previously at Viacom itself. Now at the rebranded Paramount, Zilberbrand says the advanced TV opportunity is […]


Addressable TV Needs More Investment in Measurement, Ad Creative: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – National television networks are in the process of opening themselves up to addressable advertising, which lets marketers send different ads to different households during the same shows. The capability has existed in local cable markets for two minutes of commercial breaks every hour, making the national inventories of 14 minutes every […]


Many Roads To Buy: Viacom’s Zilberbrand On Marketplaces & More

SAN JUAN, PR — How much methods should a broadcaster use through which to take advertising dollars, and how much control should it exert? Those were some of the questions being asked at the recent Beet Retreat San Juan 2020, when Julian Zilberbrand stepped up. Zilberbrand, EVP of audience science at Viacom, was asked by […]


Addressable TV Is Going National: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR — Until now, the shimmering promise of targeted TV ads was stuck in a marginal concept – that it could only be executed in live, linear TV, and only within a sliver of ad inventory. But that is all set to change. US addressable TV is going national. In a session dubbed […]


SVOD Will Make Ads More Valuable: ViacomCBS’ Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, PR — Whilst the rise of subscription video (SVOD) services in the last five years may have conditioned people to expect that paid digital services would become the norm and TV advertising will wither away, that is not quite the full story. In a more nuanced version, there are two other dynamics playing […]


Don’t Forget To Feed The Funnel – How ‘Deterministic’ TV Can Build Brands, Too

The new super-power coming online in TV is tracking not only individuals’ viewership of shows and ads but, also, linking that viewership with eventual viewer outcomes, like website visitation, store visitation or even ecommerce purchase. That is why we are seeing so much discussion on whether advertisers will change their use of TV, which, traditionally […]


Data Organization Key To Unleashing Advanced TV Ad Sales: Viacom’s Zilberbrand

The emerging future opportunities for selling TV ads smartly and with precision, in connected and even linear television channels, is messy and depends on getting your data house in order. So says one executive working on understanding audience behaviors for a media owner with dozens of channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Julian Zilberbrand, […]


Viacom’s Zilberbrand: Data Has Boosted Our TV Ratings

Some people use data to better target advertising at consumers, others use it to better embrace viewers of content, and still others use data to do both at the same time. In the latter case, Viacom is exploiting the new opportunities to use consumer intelligence not just to help out its advertisers but also to […]


Programmers Are Making TV Ads Audience-Based: explains Disney/ABC, NBC, Turner, Viacom & 605 at Beet Retreat

VIEQUES, PR — Already this year, several of the big US TV networks have declared they will make moves to let advertising buyers use granular and first-party viewer data, over and above traditional Nielsen data, to target ads on linear TV. Speaking on this Beet Retreat panel, representatives of the networks explained their strategy. The recent announcements […]


Viacom’s Zilberbrand On The Nuances Of ‘Programmatic’ Broadcast Television

The television industry has made great strides trading on alternatives to selling advertisers exposure against demographic targets. But true, biddable “programmatic” broadcast inventory remains a longer-term goal . This is how Viacom’s Julian Zilberbrand sums up the semantics surrounding the current state of programmatic television. In an interview with Beet.TV, the company’s EVP of Audience Science […]


Viacom Aims to Pioneer Delivery & Attribution of Addressable TV Ads

Viacom is aiming to be a “pioneer” in delivering video advertising on a one-to-one, or addressable basis, says Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Audience Science, in this interview with Beet.TV Coupled with the ad delivery, will be the development of essential attribution modeling, he adds. Zilberbrand recently joined Viacom in the new position from ZenithOptimedia […]


Zenith’s Zilberbrand Tapped by Viacom to for New Advanced TV Role

ZenithOptimedia  EVP Julian Zilberbrand has been tapped by Viacom as EVP of the newly formed Audience Science unit.  The unit will apply audience targeting around cross-platform delivery of video advertising.  The news was reported this morning by the Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year, during the Digital Content NewFronts, we sat down with Zilberbrand to talk […]


ZenithOptimedia Seeks Cross-Media Data Insight

Publicis’ VivaKi unit recently reorganized to thread programmatic trading throughout its sibling departments in a bid to take data-based planning to new heights and new media, according to a stablemate exec. “We are thinking not just data-centric but data-centric as it involves your entire media investment,” ZenithOptimedia activation standards, insights and technology EVP Julian Zilberbrand tells Beet.TV in […]


Zenith’s Zilberbrand on the NewFronts: Smart Content and Programmatic Opportunities

The recently concluded Digital Content NewFronts stood out for both an array of quality, sophisticated programming and for the new opportunity to buy audiences programmatically, says Julian Zilberbrand,EVP Activation Standards, Insights and Technology for Zenith OptiMedia, in this interview with Beet.TV


Video Advertising: Not Ready for OTT or Game Consoles, Zenith’s Zilberbrand

NAPA, CA – While video advertising transactions will inevitably move to programmatic or automated systems,  there are big barriers now and one of the biggest is the lack of proper analytics around video views on OTT devices and game consoles, says Julian Zilberbrand, EVP Activation Standards, Insights and Technology at the global media agency Zenith Optimedia. […]