SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Showing different ads to different viewers during the same shows on a national scale has been a key goal for television networks. Faced with growing competition from search engines, social media platforms and ecommerce companies that reach target audiences, media companies are upgrading their technology to offer addressable advertising.

“Last year in the upfront, we actually made a pledge to the industry to deploy addressability in our premium content environments on a national level,” Amy McGovern, vice president of advanced ad solutions and addressable sales at WarnerMedia, said in this #BeetRetreat interview with Sr. Editor Rob Williams.

“We’ve reached 55 million households addressably — so we are truly talking about precision targeting at scale,” McGovern said. “It’s important because it solidifies our commitment to audience-based targeting for advertisers and our holding company partners to deploy precision targeting at scale and personalization.”

Addressable advertising is one part of WarnerMedia’s broader media inventory that includes data-driven linear, streaming and digital video, among other outlets. Deduplicated reach ensures advertisers aren’t overexposing some consumers to the same commercials, while also reaching target audiences.

“The addressable effort is actually just one building block that we are committed to in order to get us one step closer to truly cross-screen targeting,” McGovern said. “The ultimate Holy Grail will be for us to actually be able to sync all of that and find audiences across the Warner footprint.”

Personalized Ad Experiences

Addressable advertising has a variety of advantages for marketers. Instead of fixating on broad demographic criteria such as age and gender, they can harness other datasets to improve their targeting.

“That the ability now to take this from a one-to-many experience to a one-to-one targeting level is phenomenal,” McGovern said. “We know from our experience that data-driven linear absolutely is effective. We’ve done hundreds of case studies on it and now we’re really looking forward to proving the efficacy of addressable.”

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