Advertisers are gaining more tools to improve their reach among target audiences with a combination of data and analysis. Among these consumers, “persuadables” who have shown they are more responsive to advertising represent a key opportunity for marketers to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

“We are working with clients … to perfect their targets for persuadable audiences,” Caroline Horner, chief product officer at media measurement company 605, said in this interview with Beet.TV Senior Editor Rob Williams. “We take out the types of audiences that would never respond — or who always respond and always purchase regardless of the ad. We focus the money just where the ad has the most effect or the most lift.”

605 uses a combination of machine learning and human supervision to hone the targeting of persuadable. The company’s clients have seen outcomes that are from two to 10 times better than traditional targeting by broader demographic data, said Horner, who this month was a speaker at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Last week, 605 announced that its Advanced Audiences solution will be available to customers of digital advertising marketplace Xandr. Advertisers can use Advanced Audiences to define television audiences with greater precision using first- or third-party data. 605 is among a new group of measurement providers that have developed a currency to help media buyers and sellers set the value of ad transactions.

“It is the first step of our 605 Exchan6e, which is the umbrella brand for our currency services,” Horner said. “We’re enabling folks to plan and post and create better media plans based on the 605 datasets.”

Looking ahead, Horner said 605 is working with its data partners and clients as they prepare for television networks’ upfront sales season. The company also plans to expand its Advanced Audiences beyond linear television into streaming.

“We’re integrating more digital impressions, into both the planning aspects, the media measurement and the attribution methods,” Horner said, “We’re able to really connect all the dots from planning, posting, buying and evaluating, all on the same currency.”

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