SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – As Beet Retreat 2022 got underway in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, “fluidity” was on attendees’ lips.

LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad has been writing and talking about the concept, in which TV networks and advertisers can make good on ad spend using digital if an initial GRP-based ad buy is unable to deliver impressions.

As a new trend in ad-tech is allowing networks to better deliver specific audiences for buyers, Magnite SVP advanced solutions Matt McLeggon thinks ad sellers help offer advertisers what Prasad calls “True Fluidity“.

Power to the platform

“Traditionally in programmatic, you have audiences being activated in the DSP,” says McLeggon. “But we’re seeing a lot of that on the supply side now.”

By means of example, LiveRamp recently connected with SpringServe, the ad server acquired by Magnite, to offer ad buyers more detailed segments on actual achievable audiences during particular commercial break spots.

And LiveRamp is also integrating with IRIS.TV to offer contextual targeting in its platform.

McLeggon says: “We bring in third-party data, advertiser first-party data, publisher first-party data through LiveRamp, and IRIS is a very key collaborator on the contextual side … information about what’s being viewed as well as who’s viewing.”

For McLeggon, better arming sellers with the capabilities buyers are seeking will help realize his vision of “fluidity”, “an ability to seamlessly move budgets between those different environments and get unified reporting around frequency, reach, those types of characteristics”.

SpringServe Is Magnite’s Springboard For Improving CTV Ad Experience

Spring forward

SpringServe is a connected-TV focused ad serving platform. Magnite purchased it for $31 million in 2021.

McLeggon says Magnite has been priming SpringServe for a bigger future.

“Today in the CTV world, you often have ad servers and SSPs that don’t speak well to each other, or don’t communicate enough,” he says.

“With SpringServe, that’s not the case. We’ve built unified forecasting, unified audience awareness, unified planning tools to allow buyers to achieve fluidity across both CTV and television, but also between programmatic and traditional direct sales.”

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