LONDON — Over the last few years, more and more broadcasters, movie, game and music studios have been flocking to Cannes Lions, the upcoming festival more commonly known for being a celebration of advertising creativity.

Well, now advertising and entertainment are blurring in to branded content – so Cannes’ Lions organisers have met demand for a specific new break-out event.

“There was a conversation about creativity that wasn’t properly served through the Cannes Lions content,” concedes Lions’ corporate development director Rob Dembitz, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“We decided to create a new two-day festival called Lions Entertainment that will really explore and help understand how you create those moments of unskippable creativity.”

Lions Entertainment will feature talks with representatives of Machinima, Sony Music, Hulu, CBS and more.

The question Dembitz wants to answer for them? “How do you work together across so many different channels and partnerships to create moments that grab attention?”

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