Advertisers these days seem worried about a litany of technologies with which bad industry actors and consumers alike can bypass advertising. The latest is ad blocking, which Apple’s iOS 9 now supports on mobile web.

But that threat to mobile could benefit another media, one ad tech exec reckons.

“It is incredible. Things like ad blocking, view ability and fraud – it feels like there’s going to be a step back, as it relates to digital display in mobile,” according to Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise.

“At the same time, video is exploding – there’s not enough good display for video. Those markets that look and feel more like TV will inherently benefit, because it’s not just around the direct response dollar, it’s around the brand dollars.”

Mediaocean’s Recent Sale 

Mediaocean sold a majority stake to Vista this summer which valued the company at $720 million. Wise says the sale to Vista is all about finding a partner to accelerate growth.

“We’re going to get very aggressive in terms of acquisitions, we’re going to get very aggressive in terms of developing new products and overall market development, we’re going to hire a bunch of people as well,” he adds.