An impression does not equal awareness. Those are the watchwords from Scott Martino, Marketing and Analytics Lead at Mercedes-Benz, in this interview with Beet.TV about video marketing.

“We should reconsider what awareness means. You need to show what awareness is and I don’t think simply serving an impression is accomplishing the goal. We should be more detailed and more behavioral in how we look at video performance,” he says, adding that marketers need to study the cues consumers give that they’re aware of products after seeing the ads.

With a closer eye on those cues, brands can better optimize the creative. If a consumer shops for a red C-class Mercedes, then the car maker wants to be able to serve an ad about that car the next time the consumer is online, he says. Similarly, the brand would then be able to serve up more tailored creative that speaks to the performance, the styling, or the technology of the car without creating an entirely new ad every time, he explains.

We spoke with Martino last month in New York at an industry event organized by Eyeview, a company that creates personalized video campaigns for brands. You can find more videos from the event here.

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