LONDON — Tailor video to the brand, the medium and the consumer. That’s the advice of Kristen Kelly, VP and International Business Director at Starcom MediaVest Group in an interview with Beet.TV. “Understand the consumer and where they’re at in the decision journey. You can do awareness marketing and direct response. Understand how people are using your content, what they’re receptive to and what you want them to do after,” she says, offering advice to other marketers.

Sometimes a full-form feature video works best, while at other times a six-second Vine might be desirable. In other cases, a YouTube video could work best. “You need to be programmatic and strategic and understand the marketplace,” she says.

As video moves across platforms, she urges marketers not to become dependent on legacy models of measurement, like GRPs, when new metrics are available. For more insight into video measurement and strategy, check out this video interview.

This interview was part of Beet.TV’s “London Sessions” presented by YuMe, produced at the Starcom MediaVest offices in association with VivaKi.

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