LONDON – The addition of online video to a TV buy can help combat “decay” once the TV ads end, says Alex Macnamara, UK Commercial Director, at Tremor Video in an interview with Beet.TV. Digital video can enhance the reach of a TV campaign both while it’s running and after it’s aired, he says, citing research Tremor conducted over the last year with Nielsen, Performics and the Internet Advertising Bureau UK.

Together, the two mediums boost unaided brand awareness and message association among light TV viewers, the study found. “It takes eight weeks for people to forget a TV campaign, so adding online video to the mix offsets the decay,” he explains. For one campaign studied, the research showed that viewers still exposed to the online video ads could recall the brand messages for much longer. Macnamara said the research partners will embark on a second stage of the research soon to dive into how agencies and brands can best plan campaigns with online video in the mix.

-Daisy Whitney

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