AMSTERDAM — Digital video as services company  mDialog launched new tools to let brands and media companies roll out targeted ads on digital devices like mobile phones starting next month, says mDialog’s Greg Philpott, Founder and CEO, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.


Customers for the targeted ads will likely include major media companies, who can use the tools to deliver one-to-one ads in both linear and live streaming. The so-called “Smart Stream Platform” lets programmers and service providers target indvidual users on the iPhone, iPad, Android, AppleTV, GoogleTV, Roku, Xbox and more.

Some of mDialog’s customers include NBC Sports, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, who use mDialog to manage, measure and make money with ads across multiscreen devices, Philpott explains in this video interview.

Also at the show, the Toronto-based company introduced technology that lets media companies mimic on-air local and national ad breaks on connected devices, so they can insert relevant ads during the same time commercial breaks occur on TV, Philpott says.

Daisy Whitney